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Vaishnavas Care Team – Mexico hosts Second Holistic Health Fair at the ISKCON Mexico City Temple
By Kandarpika Devi Dasi   |  Jun 24, 2023
Candrika Devi Dasi, Georgina Ugalde, María Concepción Rincón, and Rosa María Espinosa.

During the weekend of June 3-4, 2023, the Vaishnavas Care Team (Mexico) presented their Second Holistic Health Fair at the ISKCON Mexico City temple. 

Vaishnava healthcare professionals and well-wishers participated in the two-day event by offering their skills to congregational members and guests from neighboring areas. Free services included reiki sessions, acupuncture treatments, physiotherapy, homeopathic treatments/demonstrations, medical check-ups by a physician, and dental care by a devotee dentist. 

Our Vaishnavas Care team leader in Mexico, Dr. Rosa María Espinosa, coordinated our holistic medical specialists’ services. She provided professional medical care for both the temple’s congregational members and the temple’s neighbors and friends. Guests were delighted to receive the complimentary services on this “Day of Holistic Healthcare.”

Over the two days, approximately 80 health services were provided in total. The event’s objective was to raise awareness amongst devotees and well-wishers about the importance of complimentary preventative healthcare. Another goal was to promote the programs that the local Vaishnavas CARE team provides with its vision of caring for our Krishna consciousness movement members throughout life and at the end of life. 

In addition to providing our guests with healthcare services, guests were offered a tasty snack of fresh, warm samosas and invited to continue participating in future events organized by Vaishnavas Care in Mexico. 

Furthermore, guests received transcendental books by ISKCON founder-acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Many participated in mantra meditation by participating in a kirtan.

The local leaders of the Mexico City temple were delighted with the program, thanking the Vaishnavas CARE team for their initiative. They enthusiastically offered their encouragement to assist with the third Vaishnavas CARE Holistic Health Fair to be held soon. 

Participants expressed their joy at the weekend events and communicated their hope that another Holistic Health Fair would be held very soon. 

The coordinators of Vaishnavas Care International congratulate the Vaishnavas Care Team in Mexico, especially Team Leader Dr. Rosa María Espinosa, for their hard work and sincerity. We hope their exemplary dedication will impact other member countries in the Latin American region and Spain. We wish them all the best in their continued endeavors. Thank you to all of our loyal volunteer members and Team Leaders.

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