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Value Education Olympiad (VEO)-2022: Bigger and Better
By Premanjana Das   |  Oct 01, 2022

ISKCON’S venture with UNEP and the Government of India to address climate change through Value Education for school students.

2,30,000 students from 15 countries participated in the Value Education Olympiad (VEO) organized by ISKCON in collaboration with the UN Environment Program in the year 2021. Along with live sessions, and practical workshops, 200000 trees were planted by EKal school students under this program. Fast forward to the current year of 2022, the olympiad is happening again with one difference. It is getting bigger and better.

Acknowledging the impact and potential of VEO, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (Government of India) appreciated and accredited this program. VEO centers around integrating 6 values (Altruism, Trustworthiness, Equity, Justice, Integrity, and Honesty) among participants in order to address climate change and other environment-related challenges.

In contrast to last year, this year the program has been made free for all the students.

“We believe this program to be so valuable and important that we don’t want anything to stop any student from participating in it. Thanks to all our team members who volunteer along with their professional commitments for this program and our sponsors whose contribution made it possible to happen” shares Karuna Candra Das, project head for VEO

The entire process from registration to the final exam is hosted online on

Once any student from class 5th-12th from any school across the world registers on the website, they will receive a specially designed ebook “Future Ethics”

The book consists of six chapters on six values which explain how the respective value can be integrated into the student’s life, the relationship between the value and the environment, and examples and teachings from the Bhagavad-gita and other scriptures about the value

Participants are required to study from this book for the olympiad exam. Along with this each student needs to either ideate, or ideate and create, or ideate create and implement a solution to any of the environmental challenges.

“The purpose of the program is practical transformation. We want our young students to think about environmental challenges and ideate/create or implement a solution. So, if a student plants just one tree and takes care of that…there is some practical transformation. Or they ideate a solution for any particular challenge. The student will need to submit a 300-word report along with photographs for their ideation or any implementation.” Shares Dr. Suruchi Mittar, an experienced academician who researched and designed the curriculum for students.

There are two separate categories, category A for the students of classes 5th-8th and category B for classes 9th-12th. The students can choose from either English or Hindi language. The last date to register is 30th Sept 2022. The exam window will be open from 16th Oct, 9 am to 17th Oct, 9 am IST during which students can log in at a time of their convenience for 1hr exam. To make the process smooth and familiar for all participants, there will also be a mock exam.

All students who give the exam and submit the practical report will be receiving a certificate from ISKCON, UNEP, and the Govt of India. The 3 top winners in each category will also win a laptop, firefox bicycle, and kindle. Additionally, there are 50 consolation prizes to be won.

“We are inviting all ISKCON temples like last year to collaborate and take the program further to the masses. We are inviting all the schools from all over the world. We are inviting communities of all faiths, and all nationalities. We are inviting all parents, teachers, and students. Values are fundamental for all humans. Environmental challenges are common to everyone. Let us all unite and empower our young children with the right set of values in dealing with these challenges. The program is impactful and effective. It’s free. It’s rewarding.” urges Karuna Chandra Das.


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