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Veteran ISKCON Artists Teach 2nd Annual BBT Art Seminar
By Pancharatna Dasa   |  Mar 28, 2008

The BBT will be holding their second annual art seminar in Vrindavana, India, from October 7 – 28, 2008. At last year’s seminar, taught by veteran ISKCON artists Dhriti Dasi and Ram Dasa Abhirama Dasa, eighteen international students learned practical techniques as well as the mood essential in producing devotional art.

This year, the course is once again free for the fifteen most-qualified applicants, who will learn BBT Art Department procedures, how to approach painting spiritual subjects, and of course new techniques. It’s also a unique chance to learn from artists trained in the standards Srila Prabhupada taught, and to paint Krishna in His holy birthplace.

"We’d like prospective students to submit a portfolio, three simple sketches, and references, such as photos, to use for the painting they’d like to work on during the seminar," says teacher Dhriti Dasi. "Also, write us something about how you see your career in devotional art, a paragraph about yourself and your devotional interests, and a short paragraph explaining why you should be chosen for the seminar."

Applications should be submitted by email along with personal contact details to  by June 30, 2008. Students chosen for the seminar will be contacted no later than July 15, 2008 and will receive an outline of the curriculum.