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Violent Storm Takes Roof Off Croatian Temple
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jul 20, 2023

CROATIA – On Wednesday, July 19th, a severe storm with 150 km/hr winds raged across Croatia, killing at least four people and injuring hundreds. In all, 2,000 buildings were damaged in Croatia’s northwestern capital of Zagreb,  including ISKCON’s New Jaladuta Temple.  The deadly storm blew a substantial part of the roof off of the temple, carrying it 300 meters into a local backyard.  “By Krsna’s mercy, devotees were saved. There is no electricity in the temple and no water, so Their Lordships Sri Sri Gaura Nitai were shifted nearby into the safe house,” said Divya-prabandha Das, President of the Croatian National Council, “Repairs are already underway to prevent more damage from rain flooding the upper floor.”

“The temple had just installed solar panels, which are now completely destroyed, and the brahmachari sankirtan ashram, along with the temple library, is completely devastated,” said Temple President Vaikuntha-murti Das, “The first floor is also flooded and leaking, and if the roof is not quickly replaced, the ground floor, which includes the deity and temple rooms, will also be destroyed as water damage increases hour by hour. We are asking you from the bottom of our hearts to help us in this difficult situation. It is very urgent, and every donation you can give is very important for the future of our mandir and sankirtan movement.”

The temple has set up a “Go Get Funding” campaign for donations. You may also donate via PayPal or wire funds to its International Bank Account Number (IBAN)  HR1123400091110102369, Medunarodno drustvo za svjesnost Krisne u Zagrebu (International Society for Krishna-Consciousness Zagreb).  You can see more photos and follow their progress on their Facebook page.