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A Good Call
By Rambhoru Dasi   |  Oct 07, 2019


As a chaplain, I often meet homeless people in the hospital who are being prematurely discharged because the hospital needs their bed. Tearfully, they often plead, “I don’t know what to do. I have nowhere to go and I’m not well enough to care for myself on the street. It’s dangerous out there you know.”  

This pulls at my heart-strings. I want to help.  Still, I know my limitations when it comes to rescuing people. So I tell them the only thing I know to be true:  

“The universe is benevolent”. Behind it there is someone out there who is listening and who cares. Call Him Krishna, God, Christ, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, the Sacred, the Divine, the Holy One, the Universe. But, cry out you must. Wail if you have to. From the innermost recesses of your heart.  Pray, “Help Me” to the Cause of All Creation. They know who you mean. 

And, guess what? Something in your life will definitely change. For the better. I promise.

It always does. 

Just remember that four-letter word – HELP!