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  • When Helping Others Is Compassion and When It Isn’t …

    While helping the deprived, we need to consider why they are deprived.

  • Seek More to Connect Than to Correct

    Intelligence is a tool for thinking; it’s like a sword for cutting through confusions. Just

  • A Letter To Our Future Selves

    We are members of an institution meant for giving compassion to others, but are we each individually acting with compassion in our personal dealings?

  • Poem: Do You Feel Okay My Friend?

    With the rising and setting of sun / Time slowly slipping away / The touch of cool water as if speaking / Do you feel okay my friend?

  • A Good Call

    I want to help.  Still, I know my limitations when it comes to rescuing people. So I tell them the only thing I know to be true.

  • Being Merciful to Others

    We like to think of ourselves as innocent people who are misunderstood but Krishna, in the Bhagavad-gita, has another judgment.

  • The Creator’s Cruelty and the Saints’ Selflessness

    Unlike the saintly, we are conditioned souls attached to worldly pleasures. Such pleasures, being temporary, become sources of misery. Despite experiencing such miseries repeatedly, we can’t give up our attachments. Why?

  • Why I Became a Vegetarian - Inspiration for 2017

    While distributing the famous cookbook, The Higher Taste, book distributor devotees met many people who have become meat-free or seriously considering it. They were surprised to see some of the individuals who made the conscious choice, including a 4 year old girl who decided to be vegetarian on her own. Also a teacher now implements cruelty-free diets in her classroom. Other people included an ex-marine, nurse, musician, and college students. They all got a Higher Taste.  A video by WestCoastMonk.

  • The "Birdman" of Chennai

    "The smallest act of kindness worth more than the grandest intention." (Oscar Wilde)

  • How To Differentiate Between Lust and Love

    One of the defining delusions of our society is the equalization of lust with love. People who feel physically attracted to each other assume that are in love. But often their attraction is nothing more than lust.

  • 10 Resolutions for Growth and Compassionate Living for 2015

    It's that time of the year again where we muster up the strength and courage to make resolutions for ourselves that will allow us to improve and grow. 

  • Animals And Their Feelings

    Gorilla Reunion: Damian Aspinall's extraordinary gorilla encounter on Gorilla School.

  • 'It's Not Your Fault': Jesus, Forgiveness and the Life of Robin Williams

    "I am sorry for the struggles of Robin Williams in his life, but I am grateful for his the piercing portrayal of the healing capacity of compassionate connection."

  • The Tale of Dorothy

    Waiting for a delayed flight, a traveling swami consoles an irate passenger with Krishna's teachings.

  • New Book Helps ISKCON Devotees Grow Through Compassion
    A new book out this month promises to help readers deepen their spirituality and their relationships by being compassionate to both themselves and others. In Revealing The Heart: The Practice of Compassion, author Sukhavaha Dasi shares the story of her own personal struggles and transformation.
  • Special Treatment

    “Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be”- says Goethe.

  • Save Resources, Save Animals' Lives!

    A video by Animals in Australia Unleashed (

  • A Hindu Mourns the Newtown Tragedy

    I first learned of the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, while on my way to work. One of my fellow commuters shared whatever scant details were known at that time with the rest of the train car. There were gasps and exclamations, and then we all fell silent.

  • Holiness Is A Two-way Street
    We tend to think that saintliness is a kind of blissful detachment, an advanced kind of mystical merging into oneness with the universe and everything in it. There is no personhood involved, only an ethereal unity with Brahman and renunciation of things of this world.
  • Blind Eye
    I’ve just returned from a two week tour of Bangladesh. Crowned the happiest nation in the world by social researchers at LSE, one can sense the contentment that comes from simple living and high thinking. However, on a second-class overnight train from Chittagong to Dhaka I was confronted with the flip side of the story.
  • Ambassador of Goodwill

    Life in this world is very calculative. Before we give something we calculate what we’ll get back. Before we take a risk we calculate what we could lose. Before we invest in a relationship we calculate what benefits it will bring us. Before we extend ourselves for someone else we calculate how worthy they are of our help.

  • Pedofile Priests, ISKCON, and Sentimentalized Compassion
    The ancient Greeks said that even virtues, when overly applied can become vices, and do a lot of harm. Compassion is one of the virtues, and its a great virtue; indeed. However, there is a time for compassionate action to become transformed to measures of discipline, so that a person may ultimately improve themselves, and that others may be protected.
  • Vegan Compassion Is in The Bag
    Inder Bedi has often told the story of how he built a handbag empire on compassion. The 37-year-old founder of Matt & Nat vegan accessories was asked at age 18 by a Hare Krishna priest to go vegetarian for 30 days: "And it changed my whole life," he says.