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Australian Youth Embark on a Spiritual Journey with Inspiring Play and Bus Tour
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Dec 30, 2023

All the youth actors were on stage, with Indranila introducing her cast to the audience.

In a resounding celebration of devotion and artistic prowess, the New Govardhana Congregation recently captivated audiences with their spellbinding play, “Abhimanyu-Man of the Hour.” Held in the heart of Murwillumbah, Australia, the 500-seat auditorium resonated with the tales of the Mahabharata, bringing to life the heroic journey of Abhimanyu.

The brainchild of the dedicated group, the play had its origins in a collective desire to engage the youth positively in Krishna consciousness. Indranila Devi Dasi, spearheading the initiative, shared her excitement about the project and its impact on the aspiring actors from the Bhaktivedanta Swami Gurukula.

“We wanted a story that would resonate with the acting teenagers. That’s why we chose Abhimanyu, who was himself a teenager. We wanted parts of the Mahabharata in the play so that the teens could familiarize themselves with these themes,” she explained.

The script, skillfully penned by Adikesava Dasa, Indranila’s husband, unfolded the life of Abhimanyu in a captivating narrative. From his pre-birth narrations to Krishna and Arjuna’s conversations about Subadhra, the play skillfully navigated through key moments of the Mahabharata, including Draupadi’s perilous encounter with Jayadratha and the inevitable war of Kurukshetra.

The execution of the play was nothing short of a theatrical triumph. With months of practice, the 20 high school youth displayed not only their dedication to the project but also their newfound skills in drama. The fighting sequence between Abhimanyu and Durjaya drew particular acclaim for its spectacular choreography.

The auditorium echoed with praise from attendees, as evidenced by the many positive reviews received. One person exclaimed, “Congratulations on a successful first performance of the play!!! We enjoyed it, and we’re impressed how much they learned in a short space of time.”

Some team and cast members of the youth drama bus tour.

Youth Bus Tour

Following this triumph, the New Govardhana Congregation is poised for an even more extensive endeavor—their upcoming youth bus tour along the Australian East Coast. This ambitious project, organized by Indranila, will see the group visiting five devotional communities, including ISKCON farms and temples.

The tour is designed to offer a holistic experience to the youth, encompassing temple programs, harinams, and even a workshop on book distribution. The “Abhimanyu-Man of the Hour” play will be a central part of their journey, delighting devotees in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

In collaboration with various Yatras, the group expresses gratitude for the support received in terms of prasada and accommodation solutions. Devotees are eagerly anticipating the positive engagement of the youth in these cities, appreciating the effort to share Krishna consciousness in innovative and joyous ways.

Join in Supporting this Inspiring Initiative

As the momentum builds, the community is actively fundraising to ensure the success of their youth initiative. Indranila has provided a detailed breakdown of the financial aspects on their GoFundMe page, inviting individuals and communities to contribute and be a part of this spiritually enriching odyssey.

The “Abhimanyu-Man of the Hour” play stands not just as a theatrical accomplishment but as a testament to the power of community, creativity, and devotion. With the echoes of applause still lingering, the New Govardhana Congregation now sets its sights on the road ahead, ready to inspire, engage, and foster a deeper connection to Krishna consciousness among the youth.