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Author Deepak Chopra Receives Set of Prabhupada’s Books in New York
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jun 22, 2019

Devotees of Yuga Dharma Sankirtana Ashram are found chanting and distributing books at New York’s Union Square almost every day. 

One of the leading sankirtana devotees, Kaliya Krishna Das, spotted world-famous author Deepak Chopra walking out of the subway and looking at his phone. He told this to Krishna Prasad Das and Gopal Champu Das, who then went to talk to Mr. Chopra. They both said hello to him. He was very nice to them and told them he had visited many ISKCON temples. One of his favorites, he said, was the Bhaktivedanta Manor in London. Apparently, he had been good friends with George Harrison, who donated the Manor to the devotees. 

Krishna Prasad Das gave Mr. Chopra a cookie and said: “This is prasadam from Bhagavan Shri Krishna!” He gladly accepted it and put some cash in the donation basket. 

He told them that he had many of Srila Prabhupada’s books, but Gopal Champu Das went and got a set anyway and put it in his hands. 

He asked the devotees if they could all take a picture together on his phone, to which they gladly agreed.  

Then Mr. Chopra gave another generous donation and thanked devotees for their service.

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