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Boy George Performs at Bhaktivedanta Manor
By Bhaktivedanta Manor   |  May 21, 2022

Famous singer Boy George, veteran pop group The Rubettes, devotees, and others performed their best hits at the Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Haveli to raise money for the ISKCON’s Inisrath Temple in Northern Ireland.



When Boy George was asked if he would take part in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s charity show in support of Inisrath Hare Krishna Island, Boy George replied immediately, saying “I’m in. I need Krishna’s light!”.

The world-renowned singer spoke about how it was that ‘Bow Down Mister’, his Hare Krishna tribute song (inspired by a trip he took to India), that first brought him together with Jayadev John Richardson.

“I was working with this American producer” the megastar explains “who said ‘We need REAL Hare Krishnas on this track’. And I said, ‘well I know the temple’, so I called the temple and told them I was doing this song. I was really worried that they might not like my song. Anyway, they turned up at the studio and they loved the song. Jayadev was there, and I said to him ‘I know you. I know your face.’ Jayadev replied ‘Yes, I was in the Rubettes’.”


The entire concert was organized by Jayadev Das, who also supported everyone on stage and delivered an incredible performance with The Rubettes as well as his own material.


Boy Geroge would tell Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch program the next day;

“It was just amazing. Everyone was just going mad, it was like singing in a church. When people really believe in something, it’s LOUD…. It was magical. You forget where you are …!”


Donations for the Inisrath Krishna Island fundraiser are still being accepted