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  • Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Elaborate Cakes are the Sweetest Offering This Radhastami

    This Radhastami, a series of eight cakes depicting Srimati Radharani’s glories and Her pastimes with Lord Krishna were offered to Sri-Sri Radha Gokulananda at the UK’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, by a team of dedicated and extraordinarily artistic devotees.

  • New Educational Booklet Explores ISKCON and Hinduism

    A newly-published booklet, entitled “ISKCON and Hinduism: Exploring the Hare Krishna Movement and its Broader Traditions,” will be used to help students and teachers in schools, as well as visitors to ISKCON temples, better understand ISKCON and how it relates to broader Hinduism.

  • Social Media Made Easy

    He’s a multimillionaire, an entrepreneur, a master at business start-ups, a social media genius and a devotee. And on Saturday 20th May, Ajita Das shared his skills and experience with devotees, teaching them how to use social media to spread Krishna Consciousness even more.

  • Sruti Dharma Das Begins His Fight Against Cancer

    Sruti Dharma Das, Temple president at Bhaktivedanta Manor, has been diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. The news was unexpected as there had been no previous indications.

  • Jahnavi — Sound of a Sacred River — Documentary Short

    This short film was made in Russia in October 2015, by a small team of filmmakers who are passionate about sharing the culture of bhakti yoga with the world. It was shot on location in Moscow and Sochi, and profiles Jahnavi Harrison, who grew up with bhakti yoga and serves in the capacity of a kirtan (devotional call and response chanting) leader. 

    Producer: Shaktyavesha Avatara dasa
    Director of Photography: Raghunatha Prana dasa
    2nd Camera: Hari Mohini dasi
    Additional Camera: Nityananda Rama dasa
    Postproduction: Tamal Krishna Dasa
    Transport: Alexey Pigurenko

  • Pleasing Krishna Is Icing on the Cake for Devotee Baker

    With mouth-watering flavors and gorgeously artistic and realistic scenes, Anuradha Dasi’s cakes – made for devotee life events and festivals at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK – are astonishing, and have to be seen to be believed. Anuradha started learning her craft by helping out temple devotees when she joined the ashram at ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, near London, in 1988. After getting married, she assisted her husband, Manor head pujari Gadadhara Das, who remains her baking partner.

  • ISKCON UK Starts 2017 on an Inspirational Note with the UK Film Premiere of “The Joy of Devotion”

    On Thursday 5th January 2017, ISKCON London and Bhaktivedanta Manor, co-hosted the UK film premiere of The Joy of Devotion at the Camden Centre in central London to a large and enthusiastic turnout of approximately 300 leaders, community members and those who have recently taken an interest in the ISKCON movement, as well as those who participated in the film.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Bans Tallow Note, Sparks Debate

    Bhaktivedanta Manor, the largest ISKCON temple in the UK, has stopped accepting a new five pound note that contains traces of tallow, made with animal fat like mutton and beef. Many devotees support the move. Many others, however – while agreeing with the principle that there should not be meat fat in currency we all have to use – have issues with the practicality and even the philosophical grounding in actually banning it.

  • UK Hindu Temples Ban New 'Animal Fat' £5 Note

    British faith organisations, including ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta Manor say the new £5 note 'ceases to be a simple medium of exchange but becomes a medium for communicating pain and suffering'. 

  • ISKCON Devotees Attend Diwali at Number 10 Downing Street

    Srutidharma das was invited to the Diwali function at Number 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May MP. Along with the Prime Minister and other dignitaries such as the Indian High Commissioner Mr Dinesh Patnail, Srutidharma das lit the ceremonial lamp before being invited to say a few words and lead the Diwali prayers.

  • Learning from a Tree

    In any area of human life, when someone begins an endeavour  – especially one they hope will endure for a long time, they are, in effect, planting a seed. By their aspirations, their vision of the final result, and by their determination, they plant a seed. And, provided the conditions are right, it will grow.

  • The Holy Skit - A Devotional Comedy Group

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Janmasthami 2016.

  • 50th Anniversary Garden Opening at the Bhaktivedanta Manor

    The garden opening was followed by the launch of the book Swami in a Strange Land, written by Prabhupada’s disciple Yogesvara Das.

  • Bhakti in the Christian and Vaishnava Traditions: A 50 Anniversary Event at the UK

     As a part of Incorporation Day celebrations, the Bhaktivedanta Manor hosted esteemed members of various religious organisations for a discussion about devotion (bhakti) in Vaishnavism and Christianity.  On July 14th, individuals from BAPS Swaminarayan, the Interfaith Network UK, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and various churches from around the region, gathered at Srila Prabhupada theatre to hear guest speakers Rev Kumar Rajagopalan, from the London Baptist Association and Saunaka Rsi Das from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

  • Srila Prabhupada Drama by "Something Spiritual"

    On the eve of Saturday 2nd July in the outskirts of London, a cast and crew of 65 young people who are part of an upcoming performing arts group known as "Something Spiritual", came together to put on a spectacular production depicting the life and struggles of Srila Prabhupada. It was a night that captured hearts, moved people to tears and transformed the lives of many.

  • UK to Herald Incorporation Day with Packed Week of Events

    Bhaktivedanta Manor has planned a packed week of events from 13th to 17th July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISKCON’s incorporation.  The events start on the actual day of incorporation on 13th July with a ‘Day of Gratitude’ that will see 5000 cupcakes being distributed to commuters at key locations in central London to say 'thank you'. This will be followed by a special ceremony of offerings to Srila Prabhupada in the form of poems and prayers, and an exquisite lunch for disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

  • Prabhupada – Departing for the West (Highlights)

    Highlights from Something Spiritual's first show, Prabhupada – Departing for the West at Harrow Arts Centre, London.

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron Celebrates ISKCON's 50th Anniversary

    A historic day celebrating ISKCON's 50th anniversary with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who performed the ground breaking ceremony for Bhaktivedanta Manor's new Shri Krishna Haveli.

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron Celebrates ISKCON's 50th Anniversary

    Bhaktivedanta Manor marked the start of a new chapter in its history on Friday 10th June, as the groundbreaking ceremony for the long awaited Haveli building was led by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The ceremony formed part of the Manor’s offerings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISKCON, upon which Mr Cameron heartily congratulated ISKCON on by praising Srila Prabhupada on his creation of a "global mission".

  • New Photos Released: ISKCON Leaders Meet Indian PM Modi and UK PM David Cameron

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple's President Srutidharma Das, Managing Director Gauri Das and Head of Communications Vinay Tanna were amongst the few leaders selected to meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accompanied by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, during his recent visit to the UK. 

  • Jahnavi Harrison’s First Album Takes Us On an Introspective Journey

    We’re in a golden age of kirtan albums. The offerings are diverse: In May, Ananda Monet’s Inevitable Time told us the story of the Mahabharat in theatrical, epic style; and Madi’s Bhakti Without Borders stuck in our heads with its catchy pop sensibilities.  Now, Jahnavi Harrison’s Like A River to the Sea (July 24th, Mantralogy) takes us on a journey.

  • Bhaktivedanta Players Tour "The Mahabharat"

    After 30 glorious years of performance, including almost 20 international tours, UK's Bhaktivedanta Players marked their outstanding contribution to devotional art with a gala performance of The Mahabharata. This was a brand new production conceived and directed by Jaya Krishna das, and acted by a cast of more than 20.

  • Bhaktivedanta Players 30th Anniversary (1985- 2015)

    This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Bhaktivedanta Manor’s main drama group. It has been led chiefly by Jaya Krishna Das and Dwarka Puri das but over the years a great many other devotees of all ages and backgrounds have participated and given much of their time.

  • ISKCON UK Launch 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    A celebration to mark the launch of a year of events to commemorate 50 years of ISKCON was hosted on Saturday 20th June by ISKCON UK.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor - Sanctuary for the Soul

    In the Hertfordshire countryside just north of London, UK, Bhaktivedanta Manor, complete with its farmlands, beautiful gardens and temple is a real sanctuary for the soul. Open all year round to visitors and students of ancient wisdom, the temple offers a great experience with tours of the shrine, gardens and compassionate farm.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Home of the Hare Krsna Movement in the UK

    Aerial video of Bhaktivedanta Manor Home of the Hare Krsna Movement. This was donated by the late George Harrison.
    Shot using a Dji Phantom. Audio sound track "He Gopinath" by Cakrini from her album Songs of the Soul.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor - Sanctuary for the Soul

    In the Hertfordshire countryside just north of London, Bhaktivedanta Manor, complete with its farmlands, beautiful gardens and temple is a real sanctuary for the soul. Open all year round to visitors and students of ancient wisdom, the temple offers a great experience with tours of the shrine, gardens and compassionate farm. 

  • Letting the cows out at Bhaktivedanta Manor 2015

    An annual ceremony at ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford, UK that takes place every Spring and is all about releasing Lord Krishna's cows onto the fields.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor - Sanctuary for the Soul

    Bhaktivedanta Manor is the largest UK centre of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Bhaktivedanta Manor propagates the teachings of the authentic Vedic scriptures.

  • Introductory Course for Women at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    Students will be awarded with a certificate by successfully completing the course. Attendees can experience devotional lifestyle at Bhaktivedanta Manor amongst devotees and likeminded students. They learn to build up a regular sadhana (devotional practice), attending daily morning and evening program at the temple.

  • New Meditation App Targeting the Heart

    ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor has just made a meditation app available on iTunes and Playstore. It has been designed for an unfamiliar audience and features Sandipani Muni, Ghanashyam Priya and Jahnavi. It's an honest and free app. After beginning with guided generic meditations it introduces our unique contribution in the section named heart. 

  • University Outreach in the UK Reaches New Heights

    KC Socs aim to make Krishna-consciousness relevant to the youth of the UK by having stimulating sessions based on topics such as: "What would you do if you had 24 hours to life?", "Why do bad things happen to good people?" and "Wasn't life much simpler when apples and blackberries were just fruits?", but with a spiritual twist.  

  • UK Bhrahmacaris' Summer Sankirtana Tour

    Footage from the Summer Sankirtan Tour conducted by Manor Brahmacari ashram, teaming up with UK temples, Hare Krishna Festival Team and Food For All.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Introductory Course for Women - Bhaktin Course

    Attendees can experience devotional lifestyle at Bhaktivedanta Manor amongst devotees and likeminded students. They learn to built up a regular sadhana (devotional practise) by attending the daily morning and evening program in the temple room.

  • More than 10,000 attend Diwali 2014 at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple

    Communications secretary for the temple, Radha Mohan Das, said: "The day was a really big success, everyone had a lot of fun. There was a great atmosphere, particularly in the lead up to the fireworks." The day also saw two drama perfomances, which told parts of the story behind Diwali. Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, which is told in the ancient Indian text, Ramayana.

  • Pandava Sena: Fakebook

    Every year the UK's Pandava Sena put on a performance on Janmashtami at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. Check out the highlights of the festival weekend of the Fakebook comedy play. Here is a video about who the Pandava Sena are.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor President Becomes Chaplain to Harrow Mayor

    Before going into politics, Councilor Ajay Maru would regularly visit ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor just outside London as a congregation member. So when he was voted in as the new Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow on June 12th, it wasn’t a difficult choice for him to select Manor president Srutidharma Das as his chaplain.

  • Celebrating Diversity With An Enchanting Evening of Music at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    On Saturday 31 May, the George Harrison Memorial Garden at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK was brought to life with the enchanting melodies of his music, as a local community choir performed a special concert in celebration of their tenth anniversary.

  • Inspiring Day of Communications for ISKCON UK and Ireland

    Over thirty devotees from the UK and Ireland attended a special ISKCON National Communications Training Day at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK.Taking part in a series of innovative and interactive workshops, the group learned about why engaging with the media matters, what makes a good news story and how compatible the worlds of spirituality and media really are.

  • Pandava Sena 20th Anniversary Videos

    UK's Pandava Sena - a dynamic youth organization - has been established twenty years ago, in 1994, with the aim to protect Bhaktivedanta Manor from being closed down by the government. On April 12th, the Pandava Sena members has spent an evening remembering the historic pastimes, hearing from the original members of Pandava Sena, the stalwarts that headed up the campaign to 'Save the Manor'.

  • “Save the Temple” Campaign Celebrated in British Parliament

    Thousands sat on the road outside Parliament 20 years ago protesting about the closure of one of the most famous Temples outside of India. However 20 years later a celebration in Parliament recognised how it was possible for the Hindu, Jain and Sikhs communities to come together behind ISKCON and show what can be achieved with one voice.

  • British MP Shailesh Vara Receives International Award

    Mr. Vara has helped ISKCON in a variety of campaigns with ISKCON Hungary and Moscow and with many projects for the Hindu community in the UK.

  • Nelson Mandela's Legacy Will Live On After He Helped Save Bhaktivedanta Manor, Aldenham Temple

    He might have lived thousands of miles away – but Nelson Mandela’s legacy will live on in Aldenham, UK, where he helped save a Hindu temple from closure. Bhaktivedanta Manor was on the brink of shutting down in 1995 – but the South African leader vowed to do all in his power to ensure it stayed open.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Unveils New Vision Statement

    On the 11th of September, the brand new Bhaktivedanta Manor Vision Statement for the next ten years was unveiled. “The document is a very important one,” Sitarama says, “Because it really helps to redress imbalances and sharpen the Manor’s alignment to Srila Prabhupada’s directions. It’s a road map for the coming years.”

  • The End Begins - A Play by Pandava Sena

    Recently,  the Pandava Sena youth group of Bhaktivedanta Manor put on a production for over 2000 people over the two days of 28th August and 1st September. It was specifically aimed to those youth between the ages of 15 and 25.

  • Thousands Flock to Hindu festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham

    The festival was made possible by a team of 1,200 volunteers, the oldest of whom is 94.

  • Public Opening of the George Harrison Memorial Garden

    The garden opens to the public at the grand Krishna festival held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK.

  • Messiah Complex

    Russell Brand popped into our temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK last week. His newest comedy sketch entitled “the messiah complex” examines the influence and teachings of iconic personalities in history.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Memories - The Definitive History

    Early memories about the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

  • Six Months Sabbatical Course at the Bhaktivedanta Manor
    Bhaktivedanta Manor is is not just a temple or a place of pilgrimage but also a theological college. One of the most outstanding courses the Manor has been offering over the years is the 6 month Sabbatical.
  • George Harrison Garden Officially Opened
    The George Harrison Memorial Garden was officially opened on Saturday 25th May, with Olivia Harrison and friends, local faith leaders, devotees and television presenters Monty Don and Peter Owen-Jones.
  • Launch of 40th Anniversary of Bhaktivedanta Manor at the House of Lords
    One of organisers of the event was the Vice president of HSBC Surinder Shandilya who said “it is a privilege to have so many royal representatives and influential leaders in politics, business, arts and academe to celebrate this most important pilgrimage site, Bhaktivedanta Manor”.
  • The UK’s Bhaktivedanta Manor Celebrates 40 Years

    Eight hundred guests braved uncharacteristic snowy weather on Sunday March 24th to attend an Adivasa Puja ceremony at the UK’s flagship temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor, in honor of its 40th anniversary.

  • Celebrating 40 years of Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK

    On Sunday 24th March at 10am, Bhaktivedanta Manor will be holding an ancient Adivasa Puja ceremony to mark its 40th Anniversary.

  • Jivapati Das: A Life of Quiet Dedication
    While there are a host of well-known devotees throughout ISKCON from whom we derive inspiration, there are also many, many who exist “under the radar.” Devotees who have steadfastly carried out their service for years on end, with very little recognition and no desire for it.
  • '40 Years of Devotion’ at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    The late Beatle George Harrison, who was deeply impressed by Srila Prabhupada, was concerned that the ISKCON temple in Bury Place near the British Museum was overcrowded. With overwhelming generosity he offered to donate a much larger property ‘somewhere in the countryside but within easy travelling distance from London’.

  • The Passing of Jiva Pati Das

    He served Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda for decades as a pujari, for eleven hours a day, seven days a week, from waking the Deities in the morning to putting them to rest at night. At 69 years, he was the oldest male priest at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

  • School Interfaith Program In Elstree, UK

    Children of the Bhaktivedanta Manor School (UK) participated in an interfaith event held at Allum Hall in Elstree which was coordinated by the Hertsmere Forum of Faiths.

  • High Rank Politicians Participate in Diwali Celebration at Bhaktivedanta Manor
    With the recent visit of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP to Bhaktivedanta Manor Diwali’s festival; prominent leaders of the Hindu community congregated to meet him.
  • “Leap” the Film at a British Academic Conference

    The screening of the film "Leap", which explores the devotional world of ISKCON, with a particular focus on the lives of Radhanath Swami and his Finnish disciple Keshava Madhava das, was enthusiastically received by all who attended the event.

  • Providing Spiritual Support at the London Olympics
    London 2012 was revolutionary in many ways, even from a spiritual dimension. One of the unique features of the Olympic site was a multi-faith centre, strategically placed in the heart of the Athletes’ Village, offering easy and ready access to anyone who felt the need to seek spiritual guidance.
  • Public Consultation on Manor’s Future Plans
    The UK's Bhaktivedanta Manor can be very overcrowded sometimes; it’s not just on festival days that people have to sit and eat in the corridors. The residents of Bhaktivedanta Manor are pleased to say that Hertsmere Borough Council is putting forward proposals that could help to expand their facilities in future.
  • British Devotees Attend Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Service
    Srutidharma das and Radha Mohan das represented Bhaktivedanta Manor and the wider Hindu community at the Service of Thanksgiving for the County of Hertfordshire to Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen.
  • A Small School With a Big Heart: The Bhaktivedanta Manor School

    Bhaktivedanta Manor School is a unique independent primary school which aims to develop a child's full academic, spiritual and moral potential. The School believes in delivering a high standard of education and preparing pupils to become individuals of sound character, behaviour and competence.

    The 18 min. video has been photographed by Caitya-Guru Das, written and directed by Krishna-lila dasi (Krisztina Danka, PhD) and produced by Karuna Productions (

  • The Appearance Day of Lord Nrsimhadeva at the Bhaktivedanta Manor
    Last weekend ISKCON celebrated the appearance day of one of Krishna`s incarnations, Lord Nrsimhadeva worldwide. Photographer David Crick has put together a beautiful slide show about the festivities held at Bhaktivedanta Manor in the United Kingdom.
  • A Royal Meeting
    On 15th February Sutapa das brahmacari from UK`s Bhaktivedanta Manor had the opportunity to meet Her Majesty The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury. A multi-faith reception was held at Lambeth Palace; one of the first public engagements to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.
  • A Guru in Every Town and Village
    After people have read one of Srila Prabhupada’s books, and if they want to know more, their first question is often something like this: “How can I find out more about all this? Do you have any meetings in my town?” or “Are there any other Krishna people living near me?”
  • ISKCON and the Mayor of London Join Hands to Feed 5.000
    “It was an event of Biblical proportions,” explained London`s Food for All Director Parasuram das. “We had 2 hours to distribute 5000 plates of prasad at Trafalgar Square, London. It seemed impossible but about 40 volunteers turned up to help serve and the day before we had 30 at Bhaktivedanta Manor to chop vegetables.
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor's New Goshalla Wins Prize for "Design Excellence"
    Thirty-two high quality nominations were received for Hertfordshire (UK) based "Building Futures" Awards, ranging from household extensions to a large public space regeneration project. This year, the "Design Excellence Award" was given the Bhaktivedanta Manor`s newly constructed goshalla and visitor center.
  • UK`s Bhaktivedanta Players perform To A Full House At The Watford Palace Theatre
    The Watford Palace Theatre welcomed over 550 people through its doors on Sunday 13 October for a joyous Diwali celebration. The evening began with a Hari Name down Watford High Street, led by musicians from Bhaktivedanta Manor and involving children from the local community.
  • Radhanath Swami Speaks At UK`s House of Commons
    At the House of Commons, on Tuesday 11th October 2011, Radhanath Swami addressed Members of Parliament and ministers together with the UK interfaith community to a private reception on “Spirituality and the Big Society”.
  • 15,000 to Celebrate Diwali

    15,000 people will come together at Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple near Watford to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights on Sunday 23 October.

  • Celebration of Srila Prabhupada’s arrival in the UK
    On Saturday 10th September almost forty initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada, along with up to 60 others who had chanted and rendered together in ISKCON’s formative 1970’s era assembled outside 7 Bury Place, Bloomsbury, London, the site of the first ISKCON temple established by Srila Prabhupada on 14th Sep 1969.
  • A Celebration of Cows on Krishna’s Birthday

    The world’s largest Janmashtami festival outside of India at Bhaktivedanta Manor attracted more than 60,000 pilgrims on 21st and 22nd August. This year celebrated the launch of the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, which sells milk from cows that will be retired when their milking days are over and uses bulls to work the land.

  • Padayatra ‘Walk for Peace’ Braves London Riots
    London’s burning. Literally. But ISKCON devotees headed by Food For All charity director Parasurama Dasa are hoping to calm the blaze with the cooling spray of God’s Holy Names.
  • Hare Krishna Devotees To Hold Peace March In Wake Of London Riots
    A group of Hare Krishna devotees from Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK, will march with a decorated peace chariot towards Ealing High Street, which was subject to mobs torching buildings and cars, looting shops and breaking into homes on Monday night.
  • Ahimsa Slaughter-Free Milk Now On Sale

    Organic milk from cows that will be retired to a sanctuary once their milking days are over is starting its first deliveries this week in north London and surrounding areas, bringing about a revolution in milk production.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor School Trips Leave Lasting Impressions
    While summer holidays have already begun in the US, schoolteachers all over the UK are still looking forward to their six-week break from July 24th to September 2nd, when they’ll get to take some time off from their rewarding yet busy jobs.
  • Production of UK's Most Expensive Milk, At Bhaktivedanta Manor To Be Expanded

    Production of the most expensive pint of milk in the UK will be expanded after Hare Krishna farmers in Aldenham agreed a deal with a Kent dairy.

  • Krishna Avanti Plans Total of Five Schools in Coming Years

    Krishna Avanti, England’s first state-funded Hindu primary school, will kick off the next school year with a brand new sister school, and exciting future plans for more to join them.

  • Rama Navami At Bhaktivedanta Manor
    The Ramanavami celebration observes the birth of Lord Rama, and is one of the most auspicious days in the Vaishnava calendar. At Bhaktivedanta Manor, celebrations for Ramanavami include special decorations, drama, discussion of Lord Rama’s pastimes and a harinama chanting procession in a local town.
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Primary: The Small School With A Big Heart

    One of the only ISKCON schools to remain standing in Europe today is struggling, but continues to push on with new ideas for growth, full of faith in its ideals. A 2008 Ofsted Report says “Relationships between adults and pupils are exceptionally good and as a result, pupils behave very well and their attitudes to learning are good.”

  • Manor to Make Major Changes Based on Community Feedback
    In November 2010, the leadership of Bhaktivedanta Manor—ISKCON UK’s flagship temple—agreed that an independent Review Team should interview many devotees across its key community groups to get valuable feedback on its management and possible areas of improvement.
  • Upcoming Farm Conference in the UK
    The fourth European farm conference will be held at Bhaktivedanta Manor on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of May 2011. This conference is for those ISKCON devotees who are actively involved in farming, cow protection and agriculture
  • Hare Krishna Festival In Norwich, UK
    On Friday 21st of January, ladies from Bhaktivedanta Manor’s ashram organised a magnificent festival at the Keir Hardie Hall in Norwich, UK.
  • A Tale Of Two Herds
    The British newspaper The Guardian held a "taste contest" in which the New Gokula ahimsa milk contested against regular shop milk. The outcome has been pretty self-explanatory.
  • Udder Madness! Pampered Cattle Produce Britain's Most Expensive Pint Of Milk... At A Staggering £1.70
    Milked only by hand to the sound of sacred mantras, these garland-wearing cows could be the most pampered in the UK. But they are producing the most expensive milk in the land, costing £1.70 per pint - nearly four times more than usual.
  • Grand Opening Of The Five Star Hilton For Krishna Cows
    Hailed as a blue-print for the future of farming, The Independent and the Daily Telegraph described the New Gokul project as being the “Hilton of farms”. The care received by the 44 cows and bulls is unparalleled. For example, relaxing music is played to the cows as they are hand-milked.
  • New Gokula Farm Opens, Launches Ahimsa Brand Milk
    Although there has been a farm at ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor in the UK since the 1970s, its first fully sustainable farm project, New Gokula—which is set to officially open this weekend—will take the community’s efforts to the next level.
  • Video About Pandava Sena`s Kirtan Fiesta
    With over 100 youth each summer UK`s Pandava Sena group organizes a trip to a different European city. They take part in activities that represent a perfect balance between outdoor fun and having the opportunity to experience the culture of Krishna consciousness.
  • Kirtan Rings Out From Kilimanjaro
    The gruelling climb of the Kilimanjaro and descent took a total of six days for the devotees of the Bhaktivedanta Manor – and was no ordinary climb: it was a dedicated effort to raise funds for a nursery at Krishna Avanti School.
  • ISKCON Celebrates Rama’s Victory in Grand Style
    ISKCON temples and organizations all over the world celebrated the ultimate victory of good over evil this October 16th to 17th, with unique festivities centered around Lord Ramachandra’s defeating the evil king Ravana and rescuing his wife Sita Devi. .
  • Reaching Inwards and Reaching out at Manor Festivals
    55,000 guests visited Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate Janmastami, Krishna's appearance, while the appearance day of His divine consort Srimati Radharani was a more intimate celebration.
  • Hinduization of ISKCON? What do you mean exactly?
  • Radha Krishna Deaf Assocation Sign Their Way to God
    At the age of twenty-five, Dayal Gauranga established the first ISKCON Deaf community, called ‘Signs Unto Krishna.’ He invented a whole set of sign language words to make things easier.
  • A Thousand Little Krishnas On His Birthday
    Tens of thousands of pilgrims and guests will visit UK`s Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival will launch the first literacy program in the world to incorporate both language and phonics systems.
  • Live Internet Janmasthami Broadcast from the UK
    There will be full live online coverage of the huge Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor from 6:00pm GMT to midnight arati on Thursday 2nd September. Also from 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Sunday 5th September.
  • Fund Raising By Walking With the Cows
    The Lotus Trust, the welfare arm of Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK raised thousands for local charities, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital during a Charity Walk on Sunday 18th July. This year’s Walk was themed ‘walking with the cows’ as there were over fifty walkers dressed as cows.
  • Europe’s 2nd Brahmachari Convention Inspires, Revives

    Seventy-five saffron-clad celibate monks known as brahmacharis, from European countries as diverse as France, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Finland and the UK, converged on Bhaktivedanta Manor near London from June 18th to 23rd this year, to attend the second annual European Brahmachari Convention.

  • “How to Choose A Guru” Seminar on DVD
    A new two-hour DVD from ISKCON Television (ITV) lets viewers in on highlights from the annual “Guru Seminar” held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK.
  • ISKCON Guru Seminar DVD

    A yearly seminar at Bhaktivedanta Manor is offered to students interested in finding an ISKCON guru for themselves.

  • ISKCON Celebrated Forty Years in London
    This November, ISKCON devotees celebrated their 40th anniversary in London with a week of festivities from the 16th through the 22nd of the month.
  • Members of Different Faiths Team Up
    LONDON: Devotees of the Bhaktivedanta Hare Krishna Manor and the Watford Interfaith Association, together with members of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue (NPLS), will tidy up Maxwell Park in Borehamwood on Sunday, November 15.
  • 1000 Diwali Lanterns to be Released in Bid for World Peace

    After what is promised to be a spectacular Diwali firework display on Sunday 18th October at Bhaktivedanta Manor near London, numerous community leaders will be releasing 1000 lanterns into the sky in a bid for world peace. On the Sunday, 15,000 people are expected to attend the Diwali celebrations at the Temple. Other highlights of the festival include colourful dances, plays and free vegetarian meals for everyone. The day will culminate at 7.15pm, in one of the most spectacular Diwali firework displays in the Greater London area. Everyone is welcome.

  • 1200 Volunteers Stage Janmastami; Cow Protection Featured
    The special feature of this year’s Janmashtami Festival was the new buildings for Krishna’s cows and bulls. Regular readers will know what an important part cows play in the Vaishnava life, but you may be surprised to know to what lengths the devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor have gone to care for them.
  • Police Congratulate Manor's Festival Organizers

    Police have congratulated revellers after 70,000 people safely made their way to Bhaktivedanta Manor for the annual Janmashtami festival at the weekend. A team of 11 dedicated Hertsmere specials were tasked with the job of getting the estimated 70,000 visitors to the Hindu festival in and out of the Letchmore Heath temple.

  • England's Janmastami Festival to Attract 70,000

    One of the largest Hindu gatherings outside India is expected to attract 70,000 people to Hertfordshire. Celebrations marking the 5,000-year-old festival of Janmashtami are taking place at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple in Watford.

  • New Farm Complex on Show at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    A new environmentally-friendly farm complex will be the star attraction in Aldenham next weekend for a celebration of the Hindu festival of Janmashtami. More than 65,000 people are expected to visit Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hilfield Avenue to celebrate the birth of the Hindu god Lord Krishna.

  • ISKCON Youth Group Seek The Simple Life

    Today’s world isn’t just hectic and stressful for adults. Youth must juggle school or college, home studying, exams, and part-time jobs while holding on to some semblance of a social life. No surprise that every so often, it’s time for a much needed break. But while some choose drinking, partying and dogged pursuit of casual sex, ISKCON’s Pandava Sena youth group are looking for a true break away from it all this summer: a sample of the simple life.

  • Hare Krishna Culture Comes to Satellite TV

    Devotees from the UK’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, headed by Ramanuja Dasa, have teamed up to produce a TV program called “Hare Krishna Culture,” for MATV, a free Sky satellite channel. The show features lectures by senior ISKCON devotees, kirtans from around the world, and archival footage of interviews with ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada.

  • Bhagavad Gita Practical for University Students

    Since the beginning of England's academic year, the University Outreach Team at the Bhaktivedanta Manor has been sharing the science of Krishna consciousness in universities in and around London, in conjunction with devotees from Soho Street Temple.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Celebrates Start of Spring

    Hundreds of Hindu worshippers came together at their local Letchmore Heath temple to celebrate the full moon and colours of spring. The Holi and Gaura Purnima festivals at Bhaktivedanta Manor on Sunday included a bonfire, spring welcoming rituals and the throwing of coloured powders on revellers.

  • Britain's Lib Dems Back State Faith Schools

    The Lib Dems have voted in favour of allowing state-funded faith schools to continue selecting pupils by faith. The party has also rejected calls to ban the setting up of new state-funded faith schools in a vote at its spring conference in Harrogate.

  • Unholy Row Ends with the Birth of a Sacred Calf

    Monks and farmers celebrate arrival of cow destined for life at new Hare Krishna eco-farm. The birth of a calf on a farm near Watford would not normally cause tears of joy among onlookers. But Gangotri, a female calf, might have been in danger of drowning in the celebratory deluge from farmers and monks when she was born on Friday after a two-hour labor.

  • RSPCA Donated Cow Gives Birth at Bhaktivedanta Manor
    Priests, farmers and congregational members at Bhaktivedanta Manor – ISKCON’s UK headquarters – witnessed the birth of a healthy female calf this February 20th. She was no ordinary calf, devotees felt, but a symbol of reconciliation and a new era between the RSPCA and Vaishnava communities across Britain.
  • Monks Pledge Lush Life for 'The Paris Hilton of Cows'
    Munching contentedly on a carrot and surrounded by besotted admirers, two-year-old Aditi may be one of Britain's luckiest cows. A fortnight ago, she was just another ordinary member of the bovine family, facing a life of servitude on a dairy farm, or worse, heading towards the abattoir.
  • England's RSPCA Apologizes and Gives Cow to ISKCON Temple
    This Sunday December 14th marks the one year anniversary of the killing of the cow Gangotri by officers of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) at ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple in Hertfordshire, England. A year ago on 13th December 2007 officers of the RSPCA came on to the sacred 78 acre estate of the Krishna Temple and Gangotri was killed by lethal injection.
  • The Battle for Bhaktivedanta Manor
    Witness an elegant mock-tudor building nestled amongst leafy green trees and meadows – not too far from London, but just far enough. Donated by George Harrison and boasting possibly the highest standard of Krishna worship outside of India, it draws an incredible sixty-five thousand people for its annual two-day Janmastami festival. Most will agree that Bhaktivedanta Manor is one of ISKCON’s most prestigious temples.
  • Britons Celebrate Diwali at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    A colourful display of light marked the festival of Diwali at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham this weekend. Thousands gathered to pray and celebrate at the Hare Krishna temple, in Hilfield Lane on Sunday.

  • Radha Krishna Deaf Association: Signing for Krishna

    As a member of the Radha Krishna Deaf Association, and a trained teacher of British sign language, Prema Pradip Dasa teaches regularly, both to the children of Bhaktivedanta Manor School, as well as other devotees, both hearing and non-hearing. The classes educate students not just in standard British Sign Language, but also the additional signs that have been developed to describe Vedic philosophical concepts, main personalities, such as Radha and Krishna, and sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Celebrates 'Best Janmastami Ever'
    The Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivednata Manor, UK, was expecting 65,000 over two days but it is estimated that 50,000 attended the first day in a record breaking attendance, which is becoming to be one of the most unique spiritual festivals in Britiain. At one point 14,000 cars were parked by 200 volunteers in 78 acres of land.
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Prepares to Feed 65,000 on Janmashtami

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple situated in the Hertfordshire countryside will attract over 65,000 people over two days during this Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate the 5000 year-old Indian festival of Janmashtami. The kitchens of the Temple will be working 24 hours to prepare free vegetarian meals of everyone who comes the festival.

  • UK Janmastami Festival Expects Record Crowds

    Spritual food is the theme for this year’s annual Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor later this month. The manor off Hilfield Lane in Aldenham, which boasts extensive grounds, will play host to the largest Krishna festival outside India when it stages the event on August 24 and 25.

  • Manor's Cow Carnival Thrills Crowds

    A celebration of all things bovine is underway as part of Britain's first ever cow carnival. The event, organised to celebrate the cow and everything associated with the animal, is being held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, in Letchmore Heath, this afternoon.

  • UK Leader Steps Down After Decision on Excessive Punishment

    Yesterday, on 13th July 2008, Gauri Dasa stepped down from his position as Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor after a decision by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Central Office of Child Protection. The decision found Gauri Dasa responsible for "inappropriate and excessive corporal punishment" whilst a teacher at an ISKCON affiliated school in India during the 1990's.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor's Strawberry Fair is Cream of the Crop

    More than 300 visitors enjoyed the sunshine at the fourth annual Strawberry Fair open day at Aldenham's Bhaktivedanta Manor last Saturday. The manor, in Hilfield Lane, is the largest Hindu temple estate in the United Kingdom.

  • Building Starts for UK's First State Funded Hindu School
    The holy ceremony of Bhumi Puja (ground-breaking) ceremony of the first ever state-funded Vaishnava-Hindu School in Britain will take place on Saturday 7th June 2008 and marks start of building works to be completed in August 2009. The Krishna Avanti Primary School is situated in the London Borough of Harrow.
  • Prince Charles’s Trust Visits Bhaktivedanta Manor
    Leading policy makers for the Prince’s Trust, a British charity that helps young people aged 14-30, visited London’s Bhaktivedanta Manor on April 11. Formed by Prince Charles of Wales in 1976, the charity provides training, business start-up support, and ongoing mentoring and advice to young people who would benefit from additional help.
  • ISKCONite to Represent Greens at UK General Election
    A keen environmentalist, novelist, web designer, and member of Hindu temple Bhaktivedanta Manor, has been selected as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Hertsmere. Arjuna Krishna-Das, an active member of the Green Party since the early 1980s, is now set to represent the party in the region at the next General Election.
  • Hindus Protest Over Cow Slaughter in London
    Hindus staged a noisy and colourful protest in London over the slaughter of a sacred cow at a Hertfordshire temple. Over 100 protestors were at the House of Commons to raise awareness over the death of Gangotri, a cow kept at the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple at Watford.
  • Ashes of Euthanised UK Temple Cow Immersed in Ganges

    Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Feb.13 (ANI): The ashes of Gangotri, the euthanised sacred cow of the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in the United Kingdom, were immersed in the River Ganges on Wednesday.


  • ‘Bhumi Puja’ Ceremony Charms UK Hindu Community
    Digitaries travelled from all over the country to take part in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s ‘Bhumi Puja’ ceremony on Sunday 3rd February. The ground-breaking ceremony included chanting of 10,000 year old Sanskrit prayers, ancient costumes, traditional dances, and devotional singing to the accompaniment of Indian drums and cymbals.
  • Work Starts on Europe’s Largest Cow Protection Farm
    Bhaktivedanta Manor, the temple where the RSPCA killed Gangotri the sacred cow and sparked outrage amongst British Hindus, will open Europe’s largest centre for cow protection and organic lifestyles. On Sunday 3rd February 2008, Hindu leaders, politicians and supporters from across Britain will join priests in orange and white robes in a colourful ceremony to sanctify the ground where a new farm building will be constructed in memory of Gangotri.
  • Largest Janmastami Festival Outside India Goes Green
    The forthcoming Janmastami Festival [birth celebration of Lord Krishna] at the Bhaktivedanta Manor near Watford [UK] is the largest of its kind outside India and is set to not only be one of the most colourful but the primary colour this year is green.

    This year the organisers want to highlight to festival goers the need to be aware of their responsibility to mother earth.