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BBC Radio Episode Celebrates Bhaktivedanta Manor as a Treasured Place of Pilgrimage
By ISKCON News   |  Dec 15, 2023

Srila Prabhupada worshipping Radha Gokulananda at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought episode “Wherever I Serve” was presented by devotee Nimai Devi Dasi (Nima Suchak) on the UK network. Her reflection, which begins with a simple Temple floor tile, explores her treasured place of pilgrimage, ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, and the 50th anniversary of the installation of Radha Gokulananda.

“I’m very proud to call Bhaktivedanta Manor my spiritual home and have faith that the legacy of George Harrison’s gift will continue to serve many generations,” said Nimai.

Nimai Devi Dasi is a freelance writer and editor. Based in Leicester, UK, her main service is in communication, particularly in media and interfaith relations. Nimai regularly contributes to BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thought, BBC Radio Leicester, and BBC Radio Hindu Reflections. Her work on radio invites her to speak on everyday topics from the perspective of a Gaudiya Vaishnava. Pause for Thought has over 1,000 episodes from contributors representing a variety of faiths.

To listen to the full episode, click here.