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  • Narada Das Explains “We Are Not the Body” to 135,000 BBC Radio Bristol Listeners

    Narada Das (Nathan Hartley) appeared on the BBC’s regional Bristol radio station to share a spiritual message of equality with 135,000 listeners on February 20th, quoting the Bhagavad-gita and Srila Prabhupada.

  • Devotee Wins His Category in BBC Young Dancer Competition

    Nineteen-year-old Kathak dancer Shyam Dattani, a devotee who attends Bhaktivedanta Manor, has won the South Asian category in the BBC Younger Dancer competition on BBC Four. Born and bred in London but of Gujarati origin, Shyam started learning Kathak at the astonishingly young age of two when he followed his older sister into class. “I’ve never stopped since,” he says. “I literally grew up with the art form, and use it as a language to express myself.”

  • BBC: Hare Krishna - 50th Anniversary Celebrations in London

    For fifty years, the Hare Krishnas have been a part of life on Oxford Street. Today the organisation marked its half centenary doing what it's known for. Putting on a colourful spectacle in the heart of London - and sharing food. Jo McDermott from the BBC reports. See comments on the video on BBC's FB page:

  • Prayer for the Day: Finding the Essence

    It’s often the case that we take some aspect of ourselves, or others, more seriously that we should; our sexuality, our nationality, our religion, or our position. And our mistake causes suffering to others.

  • The Lost Music of Rajasthan - A BBC Documentary

    Imagine takes a road trip round the desert state of Rajasthan, meeting musicians whose existence is under threat from the new India. They meet Bhopa bards who recite four-night-long epics in front of huge hand-painted scrolls, saffron-clad, chillum-smoking sisters, cross-dressers and gypsy dancers who literally bend over backwards to pick up rupees.

  • Is Yoga a Good Business?

    Does the growth in yoga's popularity, particularly in the West, mean that its spiritual content and religious roots are being neglected?

  • India Visa-on-arrival Scheme To Be Extended

    India's government has decided to extend the country's limited visa-on-arrival scheme to tourists from 180 countries. in an attempt to boost tourism and business.

  • Akhandadhi Das on a Historical Handshake
    On June 27th, Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with former IRA leader, Martin McGuiness, now British Parliamentary MP for Mid Ulster. It was an event that many people who lived through the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland thought impossible. Akhandadhi Das was invited to speak briefly on the topic as part of his regular ‘Thought for the Day,’ a morning radio piece that goes out to around 7 million thoughtful listeners on BBC4.
  • BBC Radio: ‘Thought for the Day’ with Akhandadhi Das
    Akhandadhi Das is a regular speaker on UK`s BBC radio show `Thought for the Day.’ On March 14th he spoke about the importance of vegetarianism. The program has 4 millions of listener each morning.
  • The Venerable Egg
    Every year I attend a conference which takes place in a beautiful Krishna temple nestled in the Tuscan hills above Florence. As part of the conference we spend a day in Florence sight-seeing, and at the end of a hot day walking from cultural icon to artistic masterpiece there is nothing better than an Italian ice cream.
  • The What and The How
    Some years ago I was on pilgrimage in Vrindavan. I had come with a purpose, although, for the life of me, I didn’t know what that purpose was, at least I couldn’t articulate what it was.
  • The Enemies of God
    Shaunaka Rishi Das, the Director of Oxford Center for Hindu Studies offered six prayers that had been broadcast on UK`s BBC Radio 4 on Diwali week. The programme slot attracts 4 million listeners.
  • Smartphones Make Religion Mobile

    Bible quotes, Torah chants and Buddhist prayer wheels can all be accessed on the go following an increase in faith-based phone apps.

  • 'God In The Cistern': ISKCON Devotees Offer The ‘Prayer for the Day’ On BBC Radio 4
    On the occasion of the auspicious Hindu Diwali festival, from the 30th of October till the 5th of November, Shaunaka Rishi Das the Director of the Oxford Center for Hindu Studies offered daily contemplations and meditations on UK`s prestigious BBC Radio 4 Channel.