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ISKCON Devotee Part of Religious Panel on BBC Discussing Ethical Implications of Synthetic Meat
By ISKCON News   |  Jan 16, 2024

Achyuta Masoumi from ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor was recently part of a panel of religious guests on BBC’s Beyond Belief broadcast that discussed the ethical implications of lab-grown synthetic meat created from stem cells.

Guests discussed the issue and related challenges from their scriptures and philosophy, bringing a Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Vaishnava perspective to this relatively new scientific innovation.

It was while living at Bhaktivedanta Manor as a full-time monk that Achyuta developed an interest in nature and Mother Earth through the bhakti tradition, the farm, and the cows at the Manor. After visiting many cow sanctuaries, called goshalas, in India, Achyuta returned to the UK, where he earned a BSc in Environmental Sciences and International Development. He now serves full-time as the goshala manager at the Manor where they care for a 60-plus herd.

To hear the panel’s discussion, click here.