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  • ISKCON to Distribute Prasadam at India's Airmen Recruitment Rally

    Airmen recruitment rally from today Friday January 12 2007 10:41 IST MANGALORE: The pandal is set in Football Pavilion near Nehru Maidan and a set of officers from Indian Air Force (IAF) descended on Wednesday to ensure that country’s first massive Airmen recruitment rally in 2007 works in a clockwork manner.

  • Milk Might Transmit Mad Cow Disease

    Mad Cow Disease, also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), affects the central nervous system of the cows. The brain loses control and the animal ultimately dies.

  • Research Shows Promising Results for Mad Cow Vaccine
    Researchers are celebrating the promising results of a vaccine given to mice that could result in an effective human drug for BSE (Mad Cow disease). But will it work humans?
  • Krishna Lunch Program Extends Hiatus During Measles Outbreak
    The Hare Krishna Student Center, best known for running the University of Florida’s popular “Krishna Lunch" program for the past 36 years, is working with university officials and the Alachua County Health Department to contain an outbreak of measles in the area, home to the largest community of Hare Krishna devotees in the West.
  • Devotees Serve Spiritual Food to Detained Attacker

    IMPHAL, Oct 6: A 60-year old man who is in police custody for allegedly chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Shan-na-mahoure" (beef is the best) repeatedly in front of devotees of Krishna was served prasadam (spiritualised food) Saturday by a devotee in police custody even as he was accused of blaspheming Lord Krishna.

  • Four Krishna Restaurants Place in Australian Poll

    Australia's LifeStyle FOOD Channel has conducted a survey (based on a public voting system) to determine Australia's most popular restaurants.

    Of the top 15 vegetarian restaurants in Australia, four are Hare Krishna restaurants.

  • Hare Krishna Cuisine in Gourmet Magazine’s Top 100
    The folks at Saveur, an award-winning international dining magazine, pack their most zealous and fervent recommendations into their popular Saveur 100 issue – an annual list of “favorite restaurants, food, drink, people, places and things.” This year that list included the cuisine of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) – under the heading “A Faith that Nourishes,” the magazine deemed Hare Krishna temple dining halls “one of the best restaurant chains in the world.”
  • University of Florida 'Krishna Lunch' Program Raises Price
    The Hare Krishna have been offering hot, inexpensive, vegetarian meals to University of Florida students every week since 1971. On any given day the karma friendly group can serve up to 1,000 students. But due to the rising cost of food as well as the eco-friendly plates and silverware, the group is running short on money.
  • Spiritual Lunches Served to North Carolina Students
    Each week for 14 years, Jagadguru Das has been serving free food prepared "with love and devotion" to UNC [University of North Carolina] students and the Chapel Hill community. He does this as part of his practice of Hare Krishna, a spiritual practice started in India thousands of years ago.
  • ISKCON Devotees Bring Some Warmth to Frostburn 2008
    Feeling cold this winter? Just remember that there's always someone out there with more violently chattering teeth than yours. On the weekend of February 15 – 18, nine devotees from ISKCON's New Vrindavana Farm braved sub-zero temperatures to participate in Frostburn 2008, which is about as comfortable as it sounds.
  • Ujjain Temple Feeds 28,000 School Children Daily
    Ujjain, Madyapradesh-In this central Indian city, best known as the place where Lord Krishna studied at the school of his guru, Sandipani Muni, during His childhood pastimes, today's school children are healthier and happier due to the free food program provided by the ISKCON Ujjain Temple to the 170 schools in the local district.
  • Hare Krishnas Distribute Free Meals to Fijians
    Almost 600 plates of food were distributed to people in the town of Nausori. The Hare Krishna organisation in Fiji distributed free meals as part of their free food program to bring the communities of Fiji together.
  • Krishna Pranadhika is 'Hare to Stay'
    As many of our readers are aware, every weekday free food is being served during lunch time on our campus. It rivals our much beloved Brunch Bowl, not just in terms of value for money, but also on taste. Not only is it a free meal, it's also very nutritious. The people responsible are the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), which runs two closely related programs, called Food for Life, and Food for All.
  • More to Krishnas than Vegetarian Lunch
    Hundreds of students find their way to the Plaza of the Americas every weekday to eat a $4 vegetarian meal served by the Hare Krishnas. Some are interested enough to pick up a book off the self-service rack. A few attend classes on yoga or meditation at the Hare Krishna House on Northwest 14th Street.
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Prepares to Feed 65,000 on Janmashtami

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple situated in the Hertfordshire countryside will attract over 65,000 people over two days during this Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate the 5000 year-old Indian festival of Janmashtami. The kitchens of the Temple will be working 24 hours to prepare free vegetarian meals of everyone who comes the festival.

  • Hare Krishna Distributes Meals in Warstruck Georgia

    Hare Krishna devotee Demid Nesterenko gives "Food for Life" (prasadam in Hare Krishna parlance) to a resident of Tshinvali, Georgia.

  • ISKCON Brings Relief to Orrisan Flood Victims
    One of the biggest floods in Indian history has inundated the state of Orrisa since 15 September 2008 when waters from the Mahanadi river surged into almost 20 districts. An estimated 3 million people are affected in what has been described as an unprecedented flood in the Mahanadi river system.
  • Obama Praises Akshaya Patra For Its Noble Work
    US president elect Barack Obama has praised the charitable work of Akshaya Patra, considered the world's largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) working for the upliftment of the underprivileged, describing it as a model not only for India but for other nations as well.
  • Mumbai Citizens Donate Towards ISKCON Food Relief

    The Rotary Club of Mumbai Cuffe Parade played the role of a catalyst by connecting GATI, a large Indian transportation and logistics company, with the Mid Day Meal project of Mumbai's ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF). On Friday the 23rd January Shri Devendra Agarwal, head of GATI, handed over the keys of one large truck to IFRF's director Dr. Radha Krishna Dasa.

  • Industrialist Ladies Donate to ISKCON's Food Relief Foundation
    DELHI - The Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry's (FICCI) Ladies Organization along with women from the Inner Wheel Club and Divya Chaya Trust kept their date with the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation on February 28th. A group of fifty ladies reached the internationally certified kitchen of the foundation well in time for the afternoon tour and presentations.
  • Donations Fall as Krishna Lunch Attendance Increases

    Those enjoying Krishna Lunch this week may have received something extra with their meal — a flier. On Monday, meal servers began handing out the fliers, detailing the economy’s impact on meal costs.

  • Food For Life Latvia: Give a Little, Get a Lot
    RIGA, LATVIA - About once a week since I first moved here, I’ve met a lady on or near Barona street asking for money for the Hare Krishna “Dzivibas Ediens” (Food for Life) program, which feeds the homeless and anyone else who lines up in front of the Barona street building.
  • Dallas: Kalachandji's Still Attracts Rave Reviews
    Being vegan is supposed to do lots of lovely spiritual and gastrointestinal things to you. You're supposed to feel lighter and healthier, for one. And your bowels work better (if "better" can be defined as "with alarming frequency"). A less-publicized side effect of veganism, however, is the constant urban foraging.
  • Food For Life Portugal Launches Educational Program

    ISKCON’s Food For Life program in Portugal is celebrating fourteen years of dedication to helping the needful this March 19. In 2007, the local government awarded the organization a Silver Medal recognizing its service, and today its efforts show no signs of slowing down.

  • ISKCON Devotees Feed Thousands at Shantipur Festival
    Devotees from ISKCON’s headquarters in Mayapur, India gathered in the nearby town of Shantipur this March 8 to celebrate the annual festival there. The Shantipur festival is held in the house of fifteenth century saint Advaita Acarya, one of the four primary associates of Shri Chaitanya, the founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
  • Food Infused with 'Good Vibes' Finds a Market
    Move over, organic, fair trade and free range--the latest in enlightened edibles is here: food with "embedded" positive intentions. While the idea isn't new--cultures like the Navajo have been doing it for centuries--for-profit companies in the U.S. and Canada are catching on, infusing products with good vibes through meditation, prayer and even music.
  • New Zealand's Krishna Lunches Gaining in Popularity
    Food which is "good for the body, good for the soul" and costs just $3 has been increasing in popularity due to the current economic crisis. Hare Krishna $3 lunches have been available at the Otago University Students Association Clubs and Societies building for more than 10 years.
  • New ISKCON Restaurant Opens in Australia
    Another ISKCON restaurant opened in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia on the 27th of April, 2009. The seating capacity of the new facility, located at 20 James Street, is 30. The ground-level café appeals to what Australians would call an ‘up-market’ clientele.
  • Krishna Lunches Become a University of Florida Tradition
    Krishna lunch at the University of Florida means more than just grabbing a quick bite to eat; for some students, it has become a tradition. The Krishnas have been there, in the same spot at the plaza, for more than 38 years. Every day, rain or shine, students can enjoy a healthy vegetarian, all- you- can- eat buffet, for a donation of $4. Students can also buy lunch cards, which drop the price to a mere $3.33.
  • Food For Life Attends Slovenia's Largest Student Festival
    Recently, Food For Life Slovenia was present at 'Škisova tržnica' the biggest Slovenian students' clubs festival with more than students in attendance. Twenty volunteers prepared and distributed thousands of cookies, sandwichs, puris and papadams to students and participants.
  • ISKCON Inaugurates Vegetarian Restaurant in West Africa
    On May 22 this year, devotees in the West African city of Lome, Togo, inaugurated their new vegetarian restaurant with a celebration and feast. The restaurant’s origins go back five years ago when devotees, encouraged by their late guru Bhakti-Tirtha Swami’s directions on simple living and high thinking, established an active Food For Life program in Lome and surrounding areas.
  • England's Glastonbury Festival 2009: The Festive Formula
    For decades now ISKCON devotees have also been part of the Glastonbury experience. Despite the fact that the festival coincided with London Rathayatra this year, a dedicated team of 20 devotees went down to make a spiritual contribution to the event. “For years the organizers have given us free tickets and a good spot for putting up our tent,” explains team leader Giridhari Dasa, “So we reciprocate by giving people a helping hand and genuine festive experience.”
  • Pie in the Sky: Govinda's Cheesecake Takes Off

    Last May ISKCON Wales opened its new prasadam (sanctified vegetarian food) distribution factory, called Govindas Foods Ltd. The factory produces a special vegan and gluten-free ‘cheesecake’, soon to be followed by quiche and lasagna - both vegan and gluten-free.

  • ISKCON Philippines Food For Life Feeds Typhoon Ondoy Victims
    ISKCON’s Food For Life program in the Philippines is assisting with relief efforts in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, which has left more than 300 people dead and nearly 400,000 affected. The tropical storm, which hit the Northern Luzon region of the Philippines on Saturday September 26, caused some of the worst floods the country has ever seen.
  • New Yorkers Go Dough Nuts for Prasadam
    A trendy New York purveyor of gourmet doughnuts clues us in on his most important ingredient: devotion to Krishna.
  • Paul McCartney Concert Goes From Vegetarian to Krishnatarian
    It is well known that Paul McCartney’s” Up and Coming Tour” was declared 100% vegetarian, and meat-free meals are being served to his musicians and crew. What only a few people know is that the Miami stop of the tour went from vegetarian to Krishnatarian.
  • Reversing the Secularization of Eating

    Our eating has been secularized. It has been robbed of its poetry and beaten into the staccato uniformity of packaged snacks. As a direct result, our prey suffer needlessly, our planet is wilting under the pressures of our demands, our neighbors are strangers, we are unhealthy, and our place in the order of things is lost behind the incessant pace of our living.

  • Govinda Cafe in Istanbul Opens Soon
    The devotees in Turkey are working very hard to finish the renovation work of the newly rented place in downtown Istanbul. The Govinda Cafe is scheduled to open in two weeks.
  • All-India ISKCON Midday Meal Project Adds 19th Center
    The ISKCON Midday Meal project—part of a larger program by the Indian Government to give poor children from slum and tribal areas better nutrition, improve school attendance, and reduce the drop-out rate—received permission recently to add a 19th food distribution center.
  • A 421-Course Meal for Krishna
    Every winter, temples and ashrams in Orissa celebrate a number of unique and interesting religious festivals. One of them is Byanjan Dwadashi, which celebrates mother Yashoda’s love for Krishna. Devotees, who prepare a lot of food offerings for this occasion, believe that sharing of the prasad makes relationships more strong.
  • Hare Krishnas Popularize Indian Vegetarian Cuisine in Houston
    The Houston Hare Krishna Temple’s vegetarian food booth, named “Art of India” by the Bayou City Art Festival organizers, was featured this spring at the prestigious, bi-annual festival held at Memorial Park on March 25-27. Festival-goers purchased 4800 samosas, 140 lbs of curried rice, 17 buckets of vegan BBQ “Tandoori” tofu, and 1325 glasses of mango lassis at the booth.
  • Aussie Devotees Bring the Delicious to Byron Bay Bluesfest
    ISKCON devotees in Australia have set up shop to serve delicious prasadam at the week-long music festival Bluefest for the seventh time this year, from Thursday April 21st to Tuesday April 26th. A champion since 1990 of diverse music genres such as Blues and Roots, Latino Music, and African music, this year’s festival will see Bob Dylan headlining on its two final days.
  • Nairobi Hotel Wins Over Clients With Subsidized Menu
    As high food prices force Kenyans to drastically change their eating habits, a new restaurant in Nairobi is offering an inflation-beating menu. Jagannath Restaurant serves most meals at below Sh100 while an “all you can eat” buffet — as long as the meal is not shared — costs Sh185.
  • Beyond Food
    I’ve always had a distaste for food. I mean the word “food”. It just seems that something so essentially vital to our sustenance, so much a part of our daily lives, would have a more dignified nomenclature than fooood. Food sounds so animalistic. Indeed, the origins of the word are animalistic.
  • 1,800 Inmates of Bhondsi Jail Get Home-cooked Food
    Wednesday was a different day for all the 1,800 inmates of Bhondsi jail. The inmates attended a spiritual session and were offered home-cooked food by ISKCON food relief foundation.
  • Krishna Kitchen Makes Prasadam Fans of U.S. Festivalgoers
    Originally launched as Krishna Camp in 2006, when younger ISKCON devotees from New Vrindaban established a presence at just two alternative festivals—West Virginia’s Rainbow Gathering and Nevada’s Burning Man—Krishna Kitchen has since evolved into a full scale prasadam catering company that hit fifteen events across the U.S. this year.
  • What If Your Prasadam Is Genetically Modified?
    Do we feel comfortable offering foods that have been genetically modified on the altar to our respective Deities? Do we feel comfortable eating these foods ourselves? If these foodstuffs have animal genes in them, would we consider these foods fit for offering or for consumption?
  • ISKCON Hungary Distributes 10,000 Plates of Hot Meal Over Christmas
    ISKCON Hungary distributes several hundred thousand plates of free hot meal all year long, but they always make an extra effort to take care of the poor during the cold months, especially during Christmas time.
  • Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Featured on the Wikipedia Main Page

    Wikipedia commemorated the 140th anniversary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s appearance on its Main page under the Did you know… section.

  • Kitchen Religion Cookbooks Reveal Secrets of Quantity Cooking

    The first in the new “Kitchen Religion Series” of cookbooks, Rice: 65 Recipes From Around the World doesn’t just offer an astonishing amount of sumptuous ways to prepare that simplest of staple foods. It’s also the first ever ISKCON cookbook to focus on how to cook in large quantities, an extremely valuable resource for its target audience of ISKCON devotees.

  • Russell Brand Revolution Launch Supports Food For All UK
  • Prasadarians Facebook Page Inspires Thousands

    “Prasadarians” is a prime example of just how powerful Facebook can be when used in the right way. Started by Mexican devotee Mahattama Dasi in 2012 when she was in remission from cancer and looking for a service she could do from home, it immediately exploded into a hugely popular group of 7,000 members, all sharing beautiful photos of food offerings (prasadam) to their Deities, along with recipes and stories.

  • ISKCON Hungary Celebrates Christmas With Massive Food Distribution

    During the month of December, ‘Food For Life Hungary’ ISKCON Hungary’s charity program has been distributing 30 tons of dry food (rice, flour, oil, pasta, canned vegetables) as well as 30,000 plates of hot meal to the needy all across the country. The ‘Christmas packages’ that the volunteers have been giving out in 12 locations and cities represent the only source of food for many families during the cold winter and the holiday season.

  • Food for Life Nepal in the Earthquake Aftermath

    Join "Food for life". Help the children of Nepal, affected by the devastating earthquake.

  • Devotees Promote Conscious Eating at First University of Texas Veg Fest

    The ISKCON-devotee-run student club VOICE made an impact on students’ consciousness on April 21st when they organized the first ever Veg Fest at the University of Texas (UT) in Dallas.

  • A Day At the Kitchen in ISKCON Mayapur, India

    In our latest photo-journalism piece blogger Manoj, an Indian living in Australia, shares a highlight of his recent trip to ISKCON’s headquarters in holy Mayapur, India. There, he caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the hard-working temple cooks prepare food for thousands of devotees.

  • Cake is the Sweetest Service for Devotee Baker Nitaipriya Dasi

    Nitaipriya Dasi has to balance many responsibilities in life: she’s a mother of two, serves on the board of the ISKCON Philadelphia temple, and works as vice president of a reputed bank. However she’s found yet another sweet service to offer – making astonishingly beautiful and delicious cakes for Sri Sri Radha-Saradbihari and Their devotees.

  • Food For Life Hungary Feeds Thousands During Holiday Season

    “There are so many families in Hungary who are on the edge of homelessness,” says ISKCON Hungary spokesperson Gandharvika Prema Dasi. “They are in debt, have no jobs, and without external help they struggle to maintain their lives and may lose their homes.”

  • ISKCON Camp at Kumbha Mela Distributes Thousands of Books and Prasadam Meals

    Kumbha Mela is the largest public gathering and collective act of faith in the world, and drew about 120 million pilgrims – nearly double the population of the UK or France – this year. 

  • Krishna Food Relief Serves the Homeless Sandwiches, Socks and the Holy Name

    “One day on my way there, I saw an old lady eating out of a garbage can,” Jagai says. “That really disturbed me, and I could not stop thinking about her. The next weekend on Harinama, a devotee family showed up with leftover sack lunches they had been distributing to homeless people in their neighborhood.