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Festival Honoring Poet Allen Ginsberg Supports Food for All Efforts
By ISKCON News   |  Mar 27, 2024

Parasuram Das, Director of Food for All, and other devotees offering an invocation at live musical event.

On March 26th, UK devotees performed at a special live music event in honor of Alan Ginsberg. They came at the invitation of musician and producer “Youth,” who hosted the event, which raised money for Food for Life prasadam distribution efforts.

“Poet Allen Ginsberg had a lot of personal association with Srila Prabhupada whom he helped on a number of occasions in New York, San Francisco, Columbus and elsewhere,” said a Food for All statement, “While being interviewed in various magazines, journals and newspapers over the years, Ginsberg often gave credit to Srila Prabhupada for his sincere and serious efforts to spread Krishna Consciousness in the Western world through the chanting of Hare Krishna. For a time, Allen Ginsberg would regularly begin his poetry readings with the chanting of Krishna’s names accompanied by harmonium and cymbals.”

The star-studded event welcomed hundreds of poets and artists from around the world, as well as Ginsberg fans from across Europe. It also served as the launch for the Youth and Allen Ginsberg “Iron Horse” album and book. Parasuram Das, Director of Food for All, offered an invocation, shared the Maha Mantra and performed along with other devotees at the evening event.

Part of the proceeds from the paid event will support Food for All’s prasadam distribution efforts. Food For All provides warm and nutritious meals to those in need both in London and around the world. Currently, 22% of the UK population lives below the poverty line. Outside of London, Food For All also delivers aid in the name of food when disaster strikes, with ongoing projects in Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria.

On Easter, FFA will be heading to Ukraine, as one of their kitchens in Kherson desperately needs a new generator, kitchen equipment, food, and vital supplies. To support their efforts, please visit their donation page or contact Parasuram Das directly via email. To follow all of Food for All’s ongoing service, visit their website and Facebook page. You can watch a clip from the event here.

Devotees distributing prasadam in Kherson.