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Brazil Is Getting Ready For The Biggest Kirtan In Latin America’s History
By Sri Krishna Murti Das   |  Nov 03, 2011

Between November 11th and 15th, taking advantage of a national holiday, Nova Gokula, the biggest Hare Krsna rural community of Latin America, will have the honor to host a 48 hours Kirtana, the biggest one ever done in the continent.

New Gokula was established 33 years ago, at the base of Mantiqueira mountain range, in Pindamonhangaba, a small town in the state of São Paulo, and it has a great tradition of hosting festivals since its beginning. This one, however, promises to be the biggest of all times.

With devotees from all over Brazil confirming their presence, including Candramukha Swami, who possesses a long list of beautiful CDs mixing the Brazilian music with traditional bhajans, and Purusatraya Swami, who also possesses albums with the best of Vaisnava songs, the festival will be an unforgettable experience, as well as a great stimulus for the youth. There will also be present, amongst others, Amala Kirtan Das, a Brazilian who lives in US and who is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for the young local kirtanyas; Amala Purana Das, eternal associate of Aindra Das, who will come from Vrindavana Dhama; the amazing Arjamil Das; Gunagrahi Swami, who will attend a long duration kirtan in the country for the first time; and the GBC for Brazil Devamrta Swami.

The 24 hours kirtanas began to happen in Brazil in 2008 when we celebrate the 30th year of existence of New Gokula, with the presence of Gauravani Das, establishing a true passion for kirtanas in the country and a revolution in the Vaishnava youth. Since then, the movement gained strong adherence and an average of four 24 hours kirtanas have been happening per year in Brazil, not to mention other smaller events of 12, 6 and 3 hours, which are happening in other regions of the country.

The Brazilian kirtanamania already brought famous kirtan leaders to the country like Indradyumna Swami, Uttama Bhakta Das, Jagannath Kirtan Das, Amrta Gopal Dasi, Ayush Sharma, Lilananda Das and others, as well as many other devotees famous in the Brazilian yatra for their beautiful and vigorous kirtanas.

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