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Britons Celebrate Diwali at Bhaktivedanta Manor
By Janaki Mahadevan   |  Nov 09, 2008

A colourful display of light marked the festival of Diwali at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham this weekend.

Thousands gathered to pray and celebrate at the Hare Krishna temple, in Hilfield Lane on Sunday.

As well as the opportunity to pay their respects to the Lord, visitors were able to enjoy dances, plays, bullock cart rides and free vegetarian meals.

The day culminated in a firework display, which symbolised the victory of light over dark – the central theme of the festival.

Radha Mohan Dasa, spokesman for the temple, said: “The fireworks were absolutely spectacular. The atmosphere was a mixture of calm devotion and excitement. Even though it was chilly and damp it didn’t affect anyone’s spirits.“

Diwali is the celebration of good overcoming evil, based on a story from the ancient Indian epic Ramayana, when Lord Rama returns in victory after slaying the demon Ravana.

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