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Christmas Drama Has Audience Enthralled
By Radha Mohan Das, Bhaktivedanta Manor   |  Dec 13, 2021

                                                       The Bhaktivedanta Players performing A Christmas Carol

During this holiday season, the Bhaktivedanta Players performed their first pantomime drama in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s new Shree Krishna Haveli. Based on the classic tale written by Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol“, the Players’ parody was laced with its own Krishna Conscious ingredients,  and still retained the powerful messages of promoting faith, morality, and charity.

                                                                                        The Bhaktivedanta Players 
The show was directed by Jaya Krishna das, and it was written by Radha Mohan das.
To see more from the Bhaktivedanta Players visit their YouTube page and Bhaktivedanta Manor.
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