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CNN-News18 Reports on ISKCON’s Sri Ram Padayatra Arriving in Ayodhya
By ISKCON News   |  Jan 20, 2024

CNN-News18’s Aman Sharma reported live as the ISKCON Sri Rama Padayatra arrived in Ayodhya after a nearly 650 kilometer journey from Delhi which began last month.  This extraordinary journey of the bullock cart pilgrimage, which began on December 10th,  is just one part of ISKCON’s commitment to join many from around the world who are celebrating the opening of the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi Temple.

At every stop along the 41 day journey, the Padayatra devotees organized Sri Rama Katha along with bhajans and prasad distribution for the village residents.  They arrive in Ayodhya as hundreds of ISKCON devotees are coordinating special services to the seemingly innumerable crowds in the city.

During the Ayodhya celebration, ISKCON plans to feed 5,000 pilgrims daily, hold festivals promoting the chanting of God’s names, set up a medical camp, and distribute large quantities of spiritual literatures.

“Around the world, many of ISKCON’s 800 temple communities are also participating in the festivities in various ways—from live telecasts of the Ayodhya inauguration, offerings of sacred lamps, special worship services, extended kirtan (musical chanting) ceremonies, and other events,” said a recent ISKCON Communications press release.

You can watch CNN-News18’s coverage of the Padayatra arrival here.