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  • Riots in South Africa: Deities and Residents Moved from Durban Temple

    As of July 13th evening, the senior devotees, ladies, and other Temple residents have taken shelter at the house of various devotees in safer areas. The Deities also have been moved to a safer place, on the advice of local law enforcement groups said ISKCON Communications Director of South Africa, Nanda Kishore Das. 

  • News Brief: Fire in Kolkata ISKCON Temple, Deities are Safe

    Yesterday, Monday, April 26th, at around 6 pm, devotees heard a blast then found smoke in the Albert Road, ISKCON Kolkata Temple. The Deities were moved to a safe location, but the damage was severe in the dress and Deity rooms. 

  • News Brief: ISKCON Baroda Vaccine Clinic

    In Gujrat, India ISKCON Vadodara aka Baroda has hosted the first ISKCON organized COVID-19 vaccine clinic on April 6th, 2021. The clinic was hosted at the temple’s basement hall, with the first dose of vaccination completed for 160 people during the clinic’s 11am-5 pm hours. 

  • New ISKCON Temple to Open On Outskirts of Rome

    A new ISKCON temple is set to open in the historic town of Velletri in the Castelli Romani hills, Italy, about an hour south of Rome city center.

  • Process Driven Temple Presidents’ Meeting Builds Friendships and Connections

    The attendees concentrated on how they wanted to work together, what resources they needed to better serve their temples and where to find them, and how they wanted the relationship between temple presidents and GBCs to look and feel.

  • North American Temple Presidents Prioritize Integrating Next Generation

    At the ISKCON North American Temple Presidents’ Meeting this January, one of the major points of focus was Integrating the Next Generation Youth, with practical steps taken to involve the next generation in ISKCON temples at all levels.

  • ISKCON North American Leadership Conference, 2018

    The 2018 ISKCON North American Leadership Conference was held last week at Camp Geneva outside of Orlando Florida with 27 temple presidents from the US and Canada attending. 

  • ISKCON Munich Evicted From Temple

    Devotees at the only ISKCON center in Munich have been given six months to leave. They have been renting the center for twenty-one years since 1996. But now the landlord plans to demolish the building and turn it into new flats, and has given them until October 30th to get out.