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Joyful Processions Carry ISKCON of DC’s Deities to Their New Home
By ISKCON News   |  Mar 23, 2024

Ahead of inclement weather, hundreds of Krishna devotees and well-wishers gathered at the ISKCON of DC campus for the transfer of their Deities to the new temple just steps away. These joyful processions were part of the Temple Opening Festival going on this weekend, inaugurating a new home and an exciting future for one of ISKCON’s first communities.

Among the Deities that will make the new temple Their home is Madana-Mohana, the first Krishna Deity in ISKCON which was acquired by ISKCON devotees in 1967 from an Indian shopkeeper in New York City. Srila Prabhupada gave Him the name Madana-Mohana, and after several years in New York, Prabhupada desired that He preside over the devotees in Washington DC. Yamuna Devi Dasi acquired a Radharani deity in Vrindavan, and Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan were installed together in the nation’s capital in 1973. In July 1976, during the country’s bicentennial year and ISKCON’s 10th anniversary, Srila Prabhupada visited the current temple and 12-acre plot of beautiful forested land in Potomac, Maryland.

Now, 50 years after that original installation, the Deities have a new, glorious home that stands like a beacon on the hill in one of North America’s most iconic cities.

Festivities continue on Saturday and Sunday, culminating with the Gaura Purnima Festival, detailed in the graphic below. To follow the celebrations live online, visit the ISKCON of DC Facebook page, and visit their website for more information about their ongoing service. See gallery below for photos from March 22nd festivities.