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GBC and Temple Presidents Revitalise Bonds at International Temple President Meeting
By GBC Communications   |  Mar 02, 2024

The International Temple President meeting, hosted by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) on 27 February 2024 at Mayapur, commenced with a warm welcome extended by the GBC to the International Temple Presidents. The meeting, attended by more than 150 participants, both in person at ISKCON’s international headquarters in Mayapur and online, was proficiently facilitated by Tapana Misra Das, vice chairman of the GBC Executive Committee (EC). Each table was hosted by a GBC member, with Temple Presidents joining them.

To set the tone and mood, a video clip featuring Srila Prabhupada discussing the vital role of Temple Presidents was played. Tapana Misra Das invited GBC members from across the world to start the proceedings by appreciating the immense contribution made by temple presidents. Jayapataka Swami, Guru Prasad Swami, Malati Devi, Revati Raman Dasa, Anuttama Dasa, and Achyutatma Prabhu, shared their appreciation in the welcome session. Many highlighted their prior roles as Temple Presidents and emphasized the significant role of the Temple President in steering the mission.

Tapana Misra Dasa then delivered an informative presentation titled “History of the ISKCON Temple Presidents,” delving into the historical background and resolutions from GBC meetings about GBC and Temple President interactions from the 1970s to recent years. This highlighted the cooperative relationship envisioned by Srila Prabhupada between the GBC and the Temple Presidents.

The meeting provided an opportunity for questions, discussion and personal interactions, with all representatives sharing their inputs. The meeting underscored the vital need for regular interactions between the GBC and Temple Presidents to address concerns arising in a Temple President’s service, facilitate direct communication and extend support. The benefits and focus areas of such regular meetings were highlighted and discussed during breakout sessions.

The GBC deeply appreciated the crucial role played by Temple Presidents in ensuring the effective functioning of ISKCON and there was great expectation for the unity and increased co-operation that can arise from regular engagements and transparent communication.

The need for GBC and Temple Presidents to align their vision for the advancement of ISKCON and the co-creation of this shared vision is a critical priority and focus. On behalf of the GBC, Tapana Misra Dasa extended an invitation for Temple Presidents to attend the 2025 ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) where this shared vision will be further developed. ILS is scheduled for 17 -20 February 2025 in Mayapur.