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  • ISKCON 3.0 Summit on Leadership North America - Open For Registration

    The North American Leadership Summit, ISKCON 3.0, will be held on May 15th-16th, just under a month from now. During this virtual event, we will gather as GBC, Temple Presidents, Senior Devotees, and Next Generation Leaders - all members of Srila Prabhupada’s Family, to collaborate and co-create the future of ISKCON in North America. Register here:

  • There is a Quid Pro Quo in Honoring Our Leaders

    There is a quid pro quo built into every relationship, every institution. Honor and tradition, the results of quid pro quo, are unifying principles which transform a group of individuals into a society of peoples.  Recent events in Washington DC have shown how veering away from quid pro quo by denigrating political institutions can weaken the fabric of a nation, any nation, even the United States of America.

  • GBC Releases 2020 Resolutions

    ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) has released the minutes from its February 11th to 22nd Annual General Meeting in Mayapur, West Bengal (which took place before the  Coronavirus pandemic).

  • New Book: Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita

    A new book ‘Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita’ wonderfully combines the two worlds of management and spirituality. The author Ace V. Simpson, a.k.a. Shri Prahlada Das is a well-known kirtaniya from Australia, but he is also a scholar with a Ph.D. and now teaches at Brunel Business School in London, UK.

  • Current and Future ISKCON Managers Learn Prabhupada’s Principles of Servant Leadership

    Twenty-six current and future leaders recently took the ISKCON Leadership and Management Course in New Jersey, which focused on sixteen principles of servant leadership espoused by Srila Prabhupada.

  • Devotee Care Course Recommended for “Every Leader in ISKCON”

    Twenty-six such leaders attended the most recent presentation of the GBC-recommended course, offered from March 5th to 8th in the Chaitanya Bhavan building in Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

  • GBC Discusses the “Solid Ground” of ISKCON’s Preaching

    Vaisesika Dasa made the presentation on behalf of the BBT’s new Marketing Communications Innovation department. This relatively new area of the BBT focuses on ascertaining how to assist and inspire ISKCON members around the world to distribute books.

  • GBC Meetings Open with Discussion of TOVP

    Ambarish Dasa, the ToVP Chairman, and other members of the ToVP team presented an hour-and-a-half report on the progress made in the past year and described the plans and projections that will see the ToVP to its grand opening in 2022.

  • ISKCON Sannyasis, Gurus, GBCs, and BBT Leaders Meet in India

    Nearly eighty top ISKCON leaders from around the world met at the society’s global headquarters in West Bengal for three full days, March 4-6, to discuss opportunities and challenges in expanding the ISKCON movement. 

  • Process Driven Temple Presidents’ Meeting Builds Friendships and Connections

    The attendees concentrated on how they wanted to work together, what resources they needed to better serve their temples and where to find them, and how they wanted the relationship between temple presidents and GBCs to look and feel.

  • North American Temple Presidents Prioritize Integrating Next Generation

    At the ISKCON North American Temple Presidents’ Meeting this January, one of the major points of focus was Integrating the Next Generation Youth, with practical steps taken to involve the next generation in ISKCON temples at all levels.

  • The Interview: A Gurukuli Temple Vice President Shares His Journey

    Succession is currently a hot topic in ISKCON. So recently we spoke to Janardan Kewin, an Australian alumnus of Vrindavan Gurukula, who now works professionally as a regional manager at the University of Queensland, serves as Vice President at ISKCON Brisbane, and is known for his sweet kirtans.  

  • Srila Prabhupada: Social Reformer

    Srila Prabhupada's role as a social innovator is sometimes overlooked when we speak about Krishna consciousness. It deserves greater emphasis.

  • Historic First GBC College for Leadership Development in Latin America

    From March 24 to April 6, 2018, GBC College For Leadership Development was held for the first time in Latin America at the Jaladuta Institute (Campina Grande, Brazil), delivered in the Spanish language.

  • GBC College in Russia – Second Residential Session

    Russian-speaking ISKCON leaders from all over the country (and beyond) assembled in Moscow, in January 2018, for continuing their Zonal Supervisor course, an offering of the GBC College for Leadership Development.

  • GBC College 2018 Graduation Ceremony – ILS, Mayapur

    Twenty-three leaders from various locations in Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Italy, Russia and Singapore, received their GBC College Graduation certificates and gifts in the presence of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, Srila Prabhupada, and over 600 ILS devotees including many ISKCON Gurus, GBCs and sannyasis.

  • Summary of the ILS 2018 Presentations

    During the eight day long series a total number of 65 presentations were delivered by different ISKCON leaders, addressing current issues and also issues that the society will face in the future

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day 2

    According to Laxmimoni Dasi, who is in charge of registering the guests at the ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS), there are 950 devotees attending the event, coming from  all around the world, including Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa, South America, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, India and a delegation of 75 people from China.

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day 1

    ISKCON Leadership SAnga is a gathering of gurus, temple presidents, GBC members and other formal and informal ISKCON leaders from around the globe where unity in diversity is discussed as was desired by Srila Prabhupada.

  • ISKCON North American Leadership Conference, 2018

    The 2018 ISKCON North American Leadership Conference was held last week at Camp Geneva outside of Orlando Florida with 27 temple presidents from the US and Canada attending. 

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2018 Registration Has Begun

    ISKCON Leadership Sanga is a wonderful event, with over a thousand ISKCON leaders and potential leaders, from around the world attending. Many will share their skills and knowledge through a wide variety of presentations, seminars, and workshops.

  • Invitation to ISKCON Leadership Sanga

    ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) is the foremost gathering of leaders and devotees from around the world. The ILS is eight wonderful days of seminars on leadership and related topics within the sacred atmosphere of Sri Dhama Mayapu

  • GBC College – Graduation Ceremony

    At the recent GBC Meetings in Sridham Mayapur, the ISKCON Governing Body (GBC) College was pleased to present 32 graduates from the GBC College to the assembly of GBC members.  As  Rupanuga Das (President of the GBC College) called out the names of the graduates, Romapada Swami handed them their graduation certificates, Bhakti Charu Swami gave them a pavitra (in the colours of the GBC College and offered to Lord Nrsimhadev) and Gopal Bhatta DAs gave them a GBC College bag.

  • Gopal Krishna Goswami Inaugurates Prerana Forum’s Conclave

    The spiritual teacher addressing the 180 members of the audience comprising India’s leading industry professionals, government officials, academicians and journalists, said “spirituality is essential for conscientious leadership”. Quoting from the sacred text, Bhagavad Gita, Gopal Krishna Goswami said “whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps, therefore, it is very important for leaders from any sphere of life to have integrity, compassion and faith. 

  • Election Day Blues and the Leadership Vacuum

    Many people had been angry by the failures or inaction of one side or other; angry with a do-nothing government which doesn't consider their needs; angry with the moral failures of leadership. And rightly so. But anger and frustration don’t provide a platform from which to make a sound decision. 

  • Mindful Leadership in Politics

    All leaders, political or otherwise, should try their best to “lead by example.” There should be an awareness that not only the people of the nation, but the entire world is listening to their messages and watching their behavior.

  • “Best Ever” Leaders Meetings Highlight ISKCON 50

    Many of the more than sixty temple presidents and GBCs attending this year’s ISKCON North American Leaders Meetings called the event “the best ever.” 

  • Invitation to ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2016 in Mayapur

    The seminars will cover a wide variety of topics such as book distribution, devotee care, communications, team-building, fundraising, and temple administration.

  • Alfred Ford School of Management to Teach Conscious Leadership

    The School is affiliated with ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh, Belgium. Administrators of that College began working with Alfred Ford (Ambarisa Das) back in 2009, after the 2008 financial crisis showed that there was a need for a different approach to business management.

  • GBC College - First Residential Session Completed

    The first ISKCON GBC college for leadesrsip and management held at Govardhan Ecovillage, Maharastra, India was a great success. “It’s been a life-changing experience to attend these GBC College sessions,” said Gauranga Simha Das, Co-director for ISKCON Mayapur. “This training has motivated me in such a way that I want to rededicate myself to serving the movement of Srila Prabhupada with more seriousness and vigor. 

  • Bhakti Vijnana Goswami: On Systematically Changing ISKCONs Future

    Bhaktivijnana Swami, a GBC leader and preacher in Russia and Israel expresses his appreciation of the strategic planning process, personally witnessing how the culture of strategic planning has dramatically changed the work of the GBC, allowing it to put energy into addressing important issues relevant for the whole Society and its direction for the future, particularly in the area of succession.

  • Romapada Swami: Strategic Planning - Inspired Leadership

    Romapada Swami, GBC member of over twenty-two years leading ISKCON in New York, New Jersey and the Midwest of the USA, and also a member of the SPN’s Organizational Development Committee, speaks on how strategic planning has helped him in his GBC service and how it can better assist ISKCON’s leadership to respond to what is required of it.

  • Mayapur Sanga of ISKCON Sannyasis, Gurus and GBCs - Day One

    Today saw the start of the much-anticipated Sanga of Sannyasis, Gurus and GBCs, (SGGS). Over eighty of ISKCON’s most senior leaders and preachers from across the globe gathered in Sri Dhama Mayapur for three days of association, contemplation, and in-depth discussion in response to Srila Prabhupada’s directive to find unity in diversity.

  • Tamohara Das: Succession - Leadership Training College

    Tamohara Das, a GBC member overseeing ISKCONs work in the South East of the United States of America, and serving in the SPN’s Succession Committee, introduces an exciting new project that responds to the growing need to train new leaders for every strata of the ISKCON Society. As a generation of leaders look toward retirement, the need for new leadership is becoming ever more pressing. 

  • Anuttama Dasa: ISL - Servant Leadership

    As part of the lead up to the ISKCON GBC meetings in Mayapur that will be taking place soon, the Community Relations Office of the Strategic Planning Network published videos taken during last year’s mid-year meetings in Tirupati. In this video Anuttama Das, current GBC Executive Committee chairman and head of the SPN’s Communications Committee speaking on the significant work of the Strategic Planning Team that planned and hosted the successful ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS), which attracted devotee leaders from across world. He also speaks of the positive emphasis during the ILS on the concept of servant leadership. 

  • New Book : “10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad Gita”

    In today’s stress-filled environment, corporate leaders are increasingly turning towards the world’s time-honored traditions for relief and insight. “10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad Gita” serves this need by presenting the wisdom of one of the world’s greatest philosophical classics in condensed sutra-like nuggets by drawing on the rich commentarial tradition of the Gita.

  • ISKCON Euro GBC & RGB: To Please Srila Prabhupada

    The ISKCON Euro RGB is an assembly of Global GBC of ISKCON along with senior ISKCON leaders and devotees in Europe. Their purpose is to watch after the welfare of Srila Prabhupada’s movement in Europe and help ISKCON develop and grow as a instrument in Srila Prabhupada's service.

  • Tulsi Gabbard's Speech on Servant Leadership in Bengaluru, India

    Programme organised by Manthana and Mythic Society, Bengaluru.

  • Humility in Leadership

    Generally, when we hear the term "humility," we imagine an individual who lacks confidence, is weak and unsure of themselves and in general is a pushover.

  • GBC Organizational Development Meetings in Tirupati - Day 1

    ISKCON has seen considerable global expansion since its birth in 1966. To ensure that as ISKCON grows, its organizational systems and process remain relevant to a growing ISKCON, the Organizational Development Committee  was established and mandated to thoroughly review ISKCON’s current leadership model.

  • Spiritual Leadership Course in Mayapura

    “Spiritual Leadership: Being a Guru in ISKCON” seminar wiill be offered once in 2015, at Mayapura from February 22-25. Per ISKCON Law this Seminar is mandatory for devotees who take up the service of diksha guru and for sannyasa candidates. The GBC also “highly recommends” it for siksa gurus, senior managers and other ISKCON leaders.

  • Global Thinking Conference for a New Paradigm in London

    This summer will see the Second Global Thinking Conference in London 2014 for emerging future leaders. The conference is convened by Civitatis International.

  • Gratitude at the ISKCON Leadership Sanga

    The final plenary was scheduled for two hours, but went on for three, with devotees longing for more. As a perfect ending, the very last plenary for the ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2014 ended as the first one started – with a very sweet and loving Guru puja for the founder acarya, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  Throughout the entire ILS, Srila Prabhupada and his teachings were at the center. 

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Five: "Celebrating Innovation"

    Devamrita Swami took to the stage to deliver a powerfully relevant class on Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur and the topic of innovation. Maharaja spoke as to the numerous ways by which Saraswati Thakur utilized the technology and resources of his time to spread Krishna-consciousness.

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Four: "Feeling Supported"

    The ILS serves as a forum for devotes to not only learn about the work being done to push forward the ISKCON’s Governing Commission’s (GBC) strategic plan, but provides leaders with the tools to help implement it in their own communities. 

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Three: "Dare to Care"

    Day 3 of the ISKCON Leadership Sanga in Mayapur, India, was dedicated as Devotee Care Day.The day was filled with presentations where devotees had the opportunity to attend five seminar slots and choose between forty-eight presentations!  As the day was devoted to Devotee Care the majority of presentations focused on this important topic.

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Two

    Devotees had the opportunity to attend talks such as Unity in Diversity, Being Trusting and Trustworthy, Harmonizing Lines of Authority, Srila Prabhupada: The Living Bhagavatam, The Avanti Schools Model or a Theatre Arts Workshop (VANDE) which were among the twenty two seminars offered in the morning.

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2014 Begins

    The 2014 ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) was inaugurated on February 16 in Sridham Mayapur. Day 1 consisted of three sessions during which at least ten seminars would run in parallel per session. Seminars such as Effective Outreach, How to Implement the 5 Steps of Succession and Identify Future Leaders, Devotee Care Through Cow Care, Invest in the Future, and To Love is to Cooperate were just a handful of the numerous seminars devotees had the opportunity to attend.

  • ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2012 Testimonials

    GBC Stategic Planning ISKCON Leadership Sanga in Mayapur, Feburary 2012.

  • Leaders to Find Nourishment and Support at Second ILS

    Nearly 1,000 ISKCON leaders from around the world are confirmed to attend the second ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) in Mayapur, West Bengal from February 16th to 23rd. The event was created by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) to provide leaders with a forum where they could share best practices and learn from each other.

  • North American Leadership Conference Inspires Both New and Senior Devotees

    This year’s ISKCON North American Leadership Conference, held at Hare Krishna Dham in Houston, Texas from January 9th to 12th, presented many developments that inspired both new and seasoned devotees alike. Seventy-five devotees attended in total and were housed at ISKCON Houston’s recently built residential apartments.

  • Mandela May Be Gone, But His DNA Lives On

    In a deeply spiritual, almost covert way, Mandela represented a kind of incarnational presence that showed us what practical theology really looks like.

  • Spiritual Leadership: Seminar on Being a Guru in ISKCON

    A 4-day seminar will be held entitled as “Spiritual Leadership: Being a Guru in ISKCON,” this upcoming February 17-20, 2013 in Mayapura.

  • Advisors and Politicians Today And In Ancient Times
    The Vedic culture shows that governments can work. In this ancient culture, the leaders are beholden to the principles of the Dharma. They are not immune from the law. The leaders often made the biggest sacrifices rather than simply asking others to take on the burdens.
  • Bring Out The Best

    I once heard a leadership guru who exclaimed “catch your people doing something good – catch them doing something right!” It’s easy to point out mistakes, inadequacies and deficiencies in people – there are plenty of them. But how often do we see the good, and consciously vocalize and appreciate that?

  • Servant Leaders
    True leaders function as servant leaders, uninterested in personal fame and selfish gain, but instead completely focused on bringing out the best in others. As Abraham Lincoln said “it’s amazing what you can achieve when you don’t care who gets the credit.”
  • ISKCON Leaders to Gather in Mayapur for Inspiration and Support
    A unique second festival will be held alongside the Mayapur Festival this year in West Bengal, India. On behalf of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission, the GBC’s Strategic Planning Team will organize the first International Leadership Sanga from February 10th to 17th.
  • New Executive Director Speaks Out on Major Changes in GBC Structure
    The Governing Body Commission (GBC), ISKCON’s top management authority, has recently introduced a completely new Executive Structure to increase its productivity and transparency.
  • Time To Ditch Bad Leaders
    The “last of the buffoon dictators” was one correspondent’s take on the death of Muamar Gaddafi. With his numerous outlandish costumes, opulent palace and corps of female Amazonian bodyguards he certainly cut a colourful figure as he paraded on the world stage. But his record on human rights was a black one.
  • World Leadership: Where Are We Going?
    My fellow Americans it’s time to face the truth, the era of the lead-dog is over. As described by Srila Prabhupada, world leadership today requires a collaborative effort: “The blind man of the Western countries and the lame man of India should combine together."
  • Most American Say Lawmakers Should Be Religious
    According to a research recently conducted in the United States, though the public expresses reservations about churches’ involvement in politics, there is widespread agreement that politicians should be religious.
  • ISKCON Leadership Course Completes Its Trial Run
    An international leadership training course for ISKCON devotees has just wrapped its two-year trial run in Washington D.C., North America.
  • Of Wildfires, Mudslides and Good Government
    In the Vedic model, good government is never solely at the mercy of either natural or man-made crisis. Recognizing that we live in a less than perfect world, good government takes a proactive role in planning the protection of its citizens.
  • Vedic Leadership Seminar in Sydney, Australia

    On August 7th an 8th, 2010, almost 60 devotees gathered in Sydney, Australia to attend a Vedic Leadership seminar presented by Bhakti-Vidya Purna Swami. The seminar was held over two days with profits donated to the Mayapur Gurukula, to fund scholarships and other requirements.

  • Tuition Sponsorship for US Devotees at Bhaktivedanta College-Radhadesh

    The North American GBC is looking for future leaders, intelligent and devotionally-inclined young men and women who would like serve Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtan movement by making a career of full time service in ISKCON USA America. To help fulfill this aim, the North American GBC is offering a two-year scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesa, Belgium.

  • Plugging the Integrity Leak: Lessons from the Mahabharata
    Developing character and integrity requires time and investment. But without such a solid foundation, we can only expect more disasters like the BP oil spill.
  • North America Conference Focuses on Tomorrow's Torchbearers
    Nearly forty-five years after ISKCON’s founding, its first generation of leaders are reaching retirement age, and the organization is planning a smooth transfer of power to the next generation.
  • The Global Leadership Crisis
    A few years ago, while pursuing my postgraduate studies at USM in Penang, I happened to glance over the front page of the local newspaper to read the following headline in large capital letters: WANTED: LEADERS.
  • For a New President: Three Things to Consider

    Thousands of years ago, a sage named Narada pointed out three things that are pleasing to God (in a discussion with a group known as the Prachetas, as recounted in India's Bhagavata Purana). The qualities Narada recommended are worthwhile for anyone, but especially would be valuable for a leader to emulate.

  • Ravindra-svarupa Dasa Warns Against Abuse of Power
    Dallas, Texas – Ravindra-svarupa Dasa, a GBC, guru, and influential thinker within the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), implored the Society’s North American leadership to vigilantly guard against abuse of power.