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Darwin’s Sunset: Drutakarma’s Bulgarian Tour 2007
By Radha-vinoda Dasa   |  Nov 27, 2007

Drutakarma Dasa’s month-long lecture tour in Bulgaria has ended after traveling almost 1500km. He visited fourteen towns and lectured at the country’s major universities. The tour was covered by the media and was accompanied by articles in major newspapers and interviews on radio and television, reaching millions of Bulgarians.

Hundreds of Drutakarma’s books and the Origins magazine were distributed and he held book-signing sessions at the country’s largest chain of bookstores.

It was Drutakarma’s third lecture tour of Bulgaria. When his book Hidden History of the Human Race was translated and published in Bulgaria in 2003 he was invited to lead the first Darwin’s Sunset Tour. Following publication of Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory in 2004 he lead the second Darwin’s Sunset Tour, on which he was given the medal of honor of Southwest University of Blagoevgrad

Organizers called this year’s tour “Darwin’s Sunset: Bulgarian Tour 2007,” and lectures included topics from the two earlier books as well as the more recent Humanity: Origins, Essence and Perspectives. As well as lecturing and distributing his books, Bulgarian cultural events and institutions were also on Drutakarma’s itinerary as he was among the special guests at Veliko Tarnovo University’s celebration of the National Revival Day. After meeting the Rector he went to the main hall of the university for the celebration where he talked to students and professors.

There is now an air of anticipation among some of Bulgaria’s intelligencia concerning Drutakarma’s 2008 tour.

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