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Devotee Care Expanding to a Temple Near You
By Nrsimhananda das, Devotee Care Committee Member NA   |  Jun 19, 2022
The Devotee Care initiative has been expanding worldwide since 2015.  Many hundreds of devotees have taken the Devotee Care course.  Find it and everything else devotee caring at
This course can be a great boon to your temple, devotees, and congregations and you can host it at your temple. The Devotee Care committee can supply the instructors to you. It’s a win-win situation because the more your devotees care about each other’s welfare, the more people are attracted to your temple and community.
The Devotee Care initiative is apolitical, heart-centered, and absolutely necessary if we are to expand in North America.
Who cares?  We care.
For more information, please contact Vraja Raman (+1-425-652-7471 ), Seattle, to book a Devotee Care course.  He will fill you in with all the details.
UK Devotee Care Committee Member, Jaya Nitai Das and his wife, Bhava Bhakti Devi Dasi from London will be on the eastern side of the Rockies in July/August.  He is available to come to your temple and discuss how Devotee Care has spread through the UK yatra.  They managed the Soho Street temple for 14 years! Now they are educating and manifesting Devotee Care consciousness throughout the entire UK.  Please contact me if you can take advantage of their US presence.  They are a very inspiring KC couple.  Your congregations will adore them.
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