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Family of Vraja Shooting Victim Request Your Prayers
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Feb 05, 2008

Hare Krishna communities in Australia and throughout the world are shocked and upset by the callous shooting of a Hare Krishna devotee in Vrindavan, India on February 2nd.

Anna Ananda Lila Salter, aged 17, has now been moved from a New Delhi hospital to the sacred land of Vrindavana where the decision could be made to switch off her life support machine.

Initial reports indicate that around 2am on Saturday the 2nd of February, Saurav Singh, the nephew of a former minister in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, arrived at the flat Lila shared with her older brothers in Vrindavan. After entering the apartment, he shot Lila three times before fatally shooting himself.

Her mother, Subhangi Devi Dasi (Mrs Susan Manning) said: “My daughter is a loving, sweet-natured, pious and innocent girl who adores India. She is utterly devoted to Krishna. The land of Vrindavan is especially dear to her.”

“Lila comes from a tight-knit family of devotees and so it is a blessing that she is here, where Lord Krishna enjoyed many of His transcendental pastimes.”

Lila’s mother has spoken to the press to urge people throughout the world to pray for her, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion.

“In particular, I’d ask all Hare Krishnas to pray that Krishna will take Lila to the spiritual world and personally take care of her, thus ending her cycle of birth and death.”

Subhangi says that she holds no malice towards anyone because she truly loves India. At the same time she expressed her devastation at the prospect of losing such a beautiful soul.

“We’ve also been touched by the hundreds of well-wishers who have flocked here to offer their support, prayers and good wishes. Many of these people have known my daughter since she was a child.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs contacted Subhangi to tell her that her daughter had been shot and they kindly made all the necessary arrangements for her to come to India to be with Lila.

Speaking on behalf of the Hare Krishnas, Tirtharaj Dasa said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Susan and her family during this difficult time. Local Temples are performing services to Lord Krishna on behalf of Lila.

“Anyone who is fortunate to know Lila considers themselves to be truly blessed to have met such a nice, sweet, kind soul that epitomizes the very best in our movement.”