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  • India Files Murder Charges Against Suspects in Brutal Gang Rape

    Indian authorities added murder charges Saturday for suspects in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged protesters to the streets.

  • On Arizona Shooting, Political Blame Game
    The recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, USA has saturated the media, sparking accusations of political influence from the Tea Party and a rancorous political climate to explain why the shooter decided to open fire. "The tragedy in Arizona signals how desperately Americans need to commit to restoring some sanity and civility to our public discourse" - an author says.
  • Body Found in ISKCON Hut
    A woman was found dead in a cottage on the ISKCON temple premises in Nadia’s Mayapur on April 23.
  • South African Man Murders Sister

    A Verulam man who allegedly hacked his sister to death in full view of her five-year-old son, during a bizarre midnight ritual on Saturday, is a Hare Krishna devotee who often spent hours reading spiritual books and meditating with japa (chanting) beads.

  • Three Suspects Arrested as Devotees Mourn Harish Roy

    Three men have been arrested in connection with the killing of ISKCON youth Harish Roy, who received a fatal shot to the head when the Atlanta convenience store he was working at on March 22 was robbed.

    Alleged gunman Yusef Cantrell, 27, and getaway driver Xstavius Shreve, 30, were arrested by Atlanta Police on March 27 and 31 respectively. According to Atlanta Police spokesman Eric Schwartz, the last suspect, 28-year-old Damian Glover, turned himself into authorities at the Fulton County Jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

  • Vancouver Man Jailed for Shooting Mother Dead

    In Vancouver, Canada, a twenty-three year old man has been sentenced to four years in jail for shooting dead his mother at the age of fourteen. The man is known only by his initials J.A.P. in Supreme Court documents. He and his family were previously Krishna devotees, but at the time of the killing they had since stopped practicing and became disaffiliated with ISKCON.

  • Tragic Death Piques Public Interest in Krishna Customs
    Zardi Manning gripped the hand of his brother Bhisma as the pair watched the body of their 17-year-old sister Lila burn on a funeral pyre beside India's sacred River Yamuna. Anandalila - Lila to her family and friends - died earlier in the day after being shot in the head by a love-obsessed stalker in Vrindavan, one of India's holiest towns.
  • Shooting Victim “Lila” Passes Away in Vrindavana

    February 5th, 2008 – Ananda-Lila “Lila” Salter passed away in the holy village of Vrindavan at 2:15 this morning. Her family, friends and well-wishers sat at her bedside, while heartfelt chanting of Krishna’s names filled the air. The Australian Hare Krishna devotee, at only 17, had been fighting for her life after 28 year-old Saurav Singh shot her with a pistol early on Saturday morning.

  • Family of Vraja Shooting Victim Request Your Prayers
    Hare Krishna communities in Australia and throughout the world are shocked and upset by the callous shooting of a Hare Krishna devotee in Vrindavan, India on February 2nd. Anna Ananda Lila Salter, aged 17, has now been moved from a New Delhi hospital to the sacred land of Vrindavana where the decision could be made to switch off her life support machine.