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Body Found in ISKCON Hut
By   |  Apr 30, 2010

A woman was found dead in a cottage on the ISKCON temple premises in Nadia’s Mayapur on April 23.

The woman, aged around 30, had arrived yesterday with a man in his 40s and a two-year-old girl.

“The man had identified himself as Anil Bhowmik, claimed his wife was Jhuma and registered themselves as a family. They had given an address in Nadia’s Chakdah. But it was false. We found a phone diary in her purse and called a few numbers but no one recognised her,” said Nabadwip inspector-in-charge T. Karati.

Some ISKCON members were attracted by the cries of the baby on April 23. They called the police when they found the cottage locked from the outside.

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