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Fifty Padayatras to Celebrate ISKCON’s Fiftieth Anniversary
By Gaurangi Dasi   |  Nov 06, 2014

ISKCON’s Padayatra Ministry has been active since its creation in 1991, and padayatras (walking festivals, usually with bullock carts) are  still happening today in different parts of the world. 

Less talks definitely does not mean less walks. The immediate goal of the  Ministry is to celebrate  ISKCON’s 50th birthday with 50 padayatras, starting from March 2014  till the end of 2016.  The Ministry is inviting all the devotees worldwide  to participate in this glorification of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada.

This  goal of 50 padayatras  is very feasible, as Padayatra is basically a low-cost  project  of variable duration that can be carried out in  many  different styles – a one man venture  like Bhaktimarga Swami in Canada; a weekend padayatra as an outing for the congregation around your city or a farm; a summer padayatra;  an  annual walk or a  continental or trans-continental walk.

Bhaktimarg Swami walking across Canada

Padayatra can be done in different ways, according to the geography of the country, the devotees’ available time, resources and manpower: with or without a bullock cart, with a horse to pull the cart, or just as an extended harinama. 


Get more ideas, tips  and practical guidelines from the Padayatra website :

Check out recent reports from different countries, the Padayatra manual (how to organise a padayatra), padayatra newsletters, updates on the 50 padayatras project, worldwide schedules and contacts, photo gallery, videos and films and padayatra songs.

Padayatra inauguration in Tamil Nadu, India

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