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Gita Jayanti Celebrations at New Navadvip Dham in Texas a Great Success
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jan 23, 2024

Joyful devotees hold some of the produce being cultivated at New Navadvip Dham.

The inaugural celebrations of the New Navadvip Dham from December 22-25, 2023, coinciding with Gita Jayanti and the 10th anniversary of the Sadhu Sanga Retreat, was a huge success.

The event embraced a familial ambience leaving an indelible mark on the 150 participants, including prominent local residents. The highlight of the event was cooperation among devotees. Govinda Caran Das, one of the organizers of the Sadhu Sanga Retreat said, “The response was overwhelming. Everyone was so satisfied and grateful.”  Over 300 Bhagavad Gitas were distributed.

On the first day of Gita Jayanti, each chapter of the Gita resonated through diverse voices, harmonizing with the Sanskrit recitation and culminating in an enchanting fire yajna and soul-stirring kirtans. Nityananda Das, the former Temple President of Dallas, orchestrated the four-hour Gita yajna, which brought forth heavy rain right after the yajna.

The second day unfolded with the morning program, followed by insightful discourses from Caru Das and seminars by Sri Prahlad Das, interwoven with resonant kirtans. Caru Das shared his transformative journey, exemplifying the discovery of one’s calling, thereby encouraging individual expertise for Krishna’s service.

As a pun of the name New Navadvip Dham, the team orchestrated nine delectable items for all nine meals that were served. Padadhuli Dasi, a disciple of Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, prepared over nine hundred sweets.

This was followed by harinam kirtan by Vatsala Das and Sri Prahlad Das at the famous South Padre Beach, 90 minutes from the farm. Although it was raining all day, everyone decided to go and proclaim the Holy Names. “As soon as we reached the beach the rain stopped and the clear skies provided the backdrop for a perfect picnic featuring bhel puri and gulab jamuns. All the devotees were in bliss,” said Sarvajaya Madhava Das.

The third day gave the devotees a complete tour of the property, including a visit to the carrot and citrus farm. Govinda Caran Das said, “Three big truck-like vehicles offered hayrides. For many, it felt like the long boats of Mayapur. Peacefully grazing nearby were the 66 cows, recently purchased by Sarvajaya Madhava Das and his team to rescue them from certain slaughter.” The tour of the farm was completed with a spectacular fireworks display, which was executed by the youth team.


On the fourth day after the morning program, Radhika Raman Das gave a class. Sarvajaya Madhava Das said, “He spoke of how Bhishmadeva was seeing the face of Krishna with the dust of the battlefield on His face, which was shining with the golden sprinkles of the dust, and that image of Krishna was only perceived by Bhishmadeva who wanted to leave his body with this image.”

Balaram Prasad Das, another volunteer, said, “We got the first glimpse of this forthcoming spiritual community through this event”.

“I was asking my husband to go to South Africa, and he brought me here,” said one devotee who was now glad she came, “I could not imagine how I would have missed this special event.” 

Another attendee of the event, a famous doctor, from the Rio Grande Valley, attended the program and said, “This event has transformed my life and I started reading the Bhagavad Gita. I am in the fifth chapter now.”

One of the children attending exclaimed, “Overall, this event was like a blast!”

One of the coordinators of the event, Madhava Vrajanatha Das, said, “New Navadvip Dham vibes resonated with Vrindavan and Mayapur having cows, lakes, farms, and sankirtan. I am super impressed with the closeness to the nearby city and the beach, and yet having a pure farm-like feeling. The overall program and farm have inspired all of my family members, and we are looking forward to being part of the future events and community.”

To learn more about the project, visit their website or email them. You can also connect on their social media channels like Facebook or YouTube for a virtual tour.