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Global Thinking Conference for a New Paradigm in London
By Jan Mortier   |  May 30, 2014

This summer will see the Second Global Thinking Conference in London 2014 for emerging future leaders. Devotees, innovative thinkers who are interested in the future trends and challenges of globalization, geopolitics and human civilization from the perspective of former Heads of State and international stakeholders, working towards a new global paradigm, may wish to participate in the week-long conference, convening in several sessions over this summer for a diverse range of delegates from around the world.

The conference is convened by Civitatis International, a foundation for international peace, cooperation and dialogue. Participating delegates all gain a unique perspective in current and future trends from the world of policy and proactively engage in intensive analysis, discussion, media presentation and skills building sessions to equip them for their future success and impact for a higher thinking within the corporate and political worlds assisting in the transition to a better civilization.

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