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Highest Ever Attendance of George Harrison Tribute Evening
By Louise Guthrie, Contributing Writer   |  Dec 03, 2022

Bhaktivedanta Manor’s annual George Harrison tribute evening at the end of November received the highest ever attendance, many being first-time visitors to the Temple.

Having been treated to a generous helping of delicious prasadam, the assembled crowd’s expectation levels were set high. The evening opened smoothly with sacred mantras delivered in silken melody form by a group of seasoned kirtaneers.

George Harrison’s best Beatles and solo compositions are safe as ever in the hands of well-honed tribute band The Inner Light, whose accomplished delivery of classics such as Here comes the Sun, Something and My Sweet Lord will soon reverberate robustly enough to satisfyingly fill the estate’s vast new ‘modern architectural’ Haveli building and reliably bring the (already replete) audience to their feet.

Senior devotee Sakshi Gopal das deftly took up the MC reins to oversee a night of musical and anecdotal homage to one of Liverpool’s most celebrated sons.