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Hindu Forum of Belgium is Granted the First Step Towards Official Recognition of Hinduism by Belgian Parliament
By ISKCON News   |  Jan 15, 2024

Mahaprabhu Dasa speaking to representatives of the Hindu Belgium Forum.

The Hindu Forum of Belgium (HFB) has issued a press release announcing that the Belgian Parliament has voted on January 11, 2024, to grant HFB a subsidy, which is a first step towards Hinduism being officially recognized as a religion in the European nation. This was the result of years of engagement with the Belgian government by HFB.

According to the press release, HFB “was created in 2007 to represent the Hindu communities and organisations in Belgium and to work towards Hinduism’s recognition by the Belgian Government.” HFB organizations include the Shiva Temple, Brussels Mandir, Brahma Kumaris, ISKCON Radhadesh, ISKCON Brussels, ISKCON Antwerp, Bhaktivedanta College and the Nepalese Community.

The press release continued, “The HFB is grateful that Belgium has made a very positive step towards recognising Hinduism, signifying recognition for the positive contributions the diverse Hindu communities make to Belgium.”

ISKCON’s Ratha Yatra in historic Antwerp, Belgium is annually appreciated by the country’s Hindu population.

The Executive Director of the Hindu Forum of Belgium, Martin Gurvich (Mahaprabhu Dasa), spoke specifically of the importance of this recognition, “This is a milestone in making Belgium a more inclusive country. Achieving this important first step in the Recognition Process is crucial to help all Hindus in Belgium feel accepted as full-fledged citizens and residents who are fully contributing to the country. ISKCON has been an important contributor in this process and I am sure they will be even more committed for the next step to receive full recognition.” Mahaprabhu Dasa also serves as the Director of ISKCON Communications Europe and Director of the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA).

To read the full press release, including the significant steps taken over more than a decade that led to this important milestone, click here.