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  • ISKCON Communications Course Offered Online

    ISKCON Communications Minister Anuttama Dasa, in collaboration with the Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh, adapted the 'ISKCON Communications' training he gives world-wide in the classroom to the online environment.

  • Radhadesh Mellows Draws Record 1,400 Devotees From 50 Countries

    Back in 2009, when devotees in Radhadesh, Belgium held a small kirtan weekend with Sivarama Swami and Madhava, just 100 people attended. It was a similarly intimate group the next year, when festival coordinator Manu Magnin, then 19 years old, took over the organizing and invited his second generation friends.

  • Bhakti & Science - Village to Village

    Murali Gopal Das, a physicist based in Gainesville, Florida, during his recent summer tour in Europe has enthoused devotee scientists to work together and use their special talents for Krishna.

  • Yoga Teacher Training Course at Bhaktivedanta College

    The Yoga Teacher Training Course, held in the beautiful Ardennes in Belgium, offers a unique opportunity to train with world-renowned teacher Mahayogi Gokulacandra, one of the most advanced practitioners of asanas today. This 4 week course is taught in a serene villa setting surrounded by rolling countryside that offers an escape from the stress of daily life.

  • Hindu Forum Gains Support to Make Hinduism Official Religion in Belgium

    A delegation from the Hindu Forum of Belgium (HFB), including two ISKCON devotees, met with the King and Queen of Belgium as well as many influential Indian politicians last week in Delhi, India. Their aim was to gain support to make Hinduism an officially-recognized religion in Belgium.

  • Alfred Ford MBA - Program Overview

    Welcome to the Alfred Ford School of Management Conscious Leadership MBA Program. Alfred Ford offers the rigor and academic excellence found among top MBA programs.

  • Bhaktivedanta College Announces New Yoga Teacher Training Course

    Set in the beautiful Ardennes region of Belgium, next to Radhadesh’s picturesque Chateau temple, the College’s scenic, secluded campus is ideal for the study and meditation required of a yoga course.

  • MOSA Showcases Artist Who Met Srila Prabhupada

    The Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) in Radhadesh, Belgium, is exhibiting the works of famous Indian mandala painter Om Prakash Sharma, whose meeting with Srila Prabhupada left an impact on him. Now 85 years old, Om Prakash has had a long and productive career including serving as Dean at the Delhi College of Art for over a decade. He met Srila Prabhupada at Dr. Mishra’s yoga studio in New York in 1965.

  • New MOSA Exhibition Shows “The Many Colors of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami”

    A new solo exhibition opened at the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) in Radhadesh, Belgium on January 28th, during the Radhadesh Mellows kirtan festival, entitled “The Many Colors of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami.” Satsvarupa Maharaja’s bright and colorful works filled MOSA’s two exhibition spaces during Radhadesh Mellows -- which was attended by about a thousand devotees -- and continue to be on display now.

  • Hare Krishna temples, Radhadesh, Belgium - Documentary

    Radhadesh is a community of Hare Krishna devotees in the Ardennes region of Belgium. A film by Vrsabhanu Das.

  • New Bhagavad-gita Exhibit Opens at MOSA Belgium

    A brand new exhibit of artwork from Kim Waters and Chris Murray’s classic 1980 book, Illuminations from the Bhagavad-gita, opened at the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) in Radhadesh, Belgium on May 28th. The exhibit features all Kim’s original illustrations from the book, which is illuminated with translated verses from Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

  • ISKCON Deplores Brussels Attack

    On Tuesday March 22nd 2016, a terrorist attack with multiple blasts shook Belgium’s capital, Brussels, killing and injuring dozens at Zaventem Airport and in the subway. On March 23rd, ISKCON European Office of Communications issued a statement "deploring the atrocious acts of violence committed by monsters that do not represent or practice any spiritual tradition."

  • Devotees Feast Eyes on New Prabhupad and Gita Books

    The Museum of Sacred Art  has just published two lusciously illustrated books: “Illuminations from the Bhagavad-gita” and “Prabhupada Meditations.” 

  • Radhadesh Mellow Highlights 2016

    A video by Balarama Nityananda.

  • ISKCON Europe Communications Seminar, Radhadesh, Belgium

    It was the first time Anti-Cult members have visited an ISKCON temple and did a presentation. It was held during Radhadesh’s hosting of the ISKCON Europe Communications conference. ISKCON is no stranger to the organisation. Over the years Anuttama Das, ISKCON Global Communications Director, has built a relationship with the organisation by attending conferences and speaking openly about ISKCON’s issues.

  • ISKCON Studies Institute Conference 2015, Radhadesh, Belgium

    The ISKCON Studies Institute will hold its next conference at Radhadesh (Belgium) from May 22-24, 2015. This year’s conference theme is Devotional Ethics, Community, and Practice in Caitanya Vaisnavism. The ISKCON Studies Institute Conference 2015 features an outstanding array of academic scholars from around the world.

  • 2015 Communications Seminar To Be Held in Radhadesh, Belgium

    This year, ISKCON Communications Europe invites devotees from outside of Europe as well to discuss important international strategies and issues.

  • Bhaktivedanta College’s Dean of Studies Takes Sannyasa

    ISKCON-guru and well-known academic, Krishna Kshetra Das (Dr. Kenneth R. Valpey) took sannyasa (entered the renounciate order) at Goloka Dham, Germany, on Janmastami, 2014. His new name now is Krishna Kshetra Swami. An interview about his academic activities, upcoming book projects and future plans. 

  • Belgium’s Museum of Sacred Art Shows New Galleries

    The museum features several permanent pieces including three large framed wooden depictions of Lord Krishna’s universal form, Lord Ramachandra, and the Dasavatar (Krishna’s ten incarnations). But its main offering is an annually rotating roster of exhibits that include sculptures, paintings, photography, video, and other art mediums.

  • Radhadesh Bakery Celebrates 25 Years of Steady Service

    One hundred devotees from ISKCON Radhadesh in the Belgian Ardennes pack into the community’s small bakery, just a few meters away from the Château de Petite Somme turned Krishna temple. They’re all craning their necks to get a glimpse over the counter at Nadia Bihari Das, his wife Shyamalika Dasi and son Gopinath Das as they bake up a storm in celebration of their family business’s 25th anniversary.

  • Radhadesh - Chateau de Petite Somme

    In the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, near Durbuy, lies the fairytale castle of Petite Somme. The castle has a long history which now houses the spiritual community of ISKCON Radhadesh.

  • Veteran Artists Teach Transcendental Art Seminar in Belgium

    Twenty students attended a two-week Transcendental Art Seminar at Belgium’s Bhaktivedanta College this summer, as part of the College’s new educational enrichment program. The seminar was taught by veteran ISKCON artists and husband and wife team Dhriti and Ramdas Abhirama Das, who have already led five art seminars for in Vrindavana, India.

  • All-around Assistant Needed at Bhaktivedanta College

    Minimum commitment for one academic year (September 2013 to June 2014) after initial trial period of three months. Long-term engagement possible.

  • "Women’s Roles in Religious Texts" Assembly in Brussels

    The crowd was mixed unexpectedly with both women, and men, from different socio-economic backgrounds, religions, and political beliefs - yet for a single night everyone shared a common cause of ending abuse to women through the lens of women’s roles within religious texts and living traditions.

  • India’s Cultural Director Visits Radhadesh, Belgium
    When Mr. Suresh Goel, Director General Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), is not dealing with United Nation reforms, or international diplomacy work he is also touring the world, promoting Indian culture abroad.
  • Fifteenth Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Celebrated in Belgaum, Karnataka, India
    Fifty thousand people, including devotees from all over India as well as spiritually minded residents of Belgaum were in attendance, pulling the chariot of the Lord with great love and enthusiasm. This year, a special chariot in the shape of a swan was prepared for Their Lordships, Sri Sri Jagannathji, Baldevji and Subhadra Devi.
  • Bhaktivedanta College to Grow Fast in 2013 and 2014
    Bhaktivedanta College, Belgium—one of ISKCON’s premier educational institutions—has entered a period of fast growth, with many exciting new developments on the horizon.
  • Museum of Sacred Art’s Second Gallery Unveiled at Radhadesh
    Indian art is making its way into the Belgian landscape through the petite yet wholesome gallery of the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) located in Radhadesh, in Durbuy Belgium. The first weekend of June marked a new beginning for MOSA as a second gallery opened for the public.
  • Bhaktivedanta College Course Commended by University of Chester
    A panel from the University of Chester, England, recently validated the new B.A. Honors degree course by Bhaktivedanta College, based in the ISKCON Community of Radhadesh, Belgium.
  • Students` Life at the Bhaktivedanta College, Belgium

    Bhaktivedanta College is the home of some young devotees from all over the world. Together they pursue academics and learn to love Krishna in a nurturing and thriving community, Radhadesh. This video provides a taster of student life.

    To learn more:

  • Radhadesh Bhaktivedanta College Celebrates 9th Graduation
    Twenty-five students were honored at Bhaktivedanta College’s ninth annual graduation ceremony in Radhadesh, Belgium, on June 3rd. The students were a truly international crowd, hailing from the UK, the US, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, India, and of course Belgium.
  • ISKCON Communications Conference to Tackle Anti-Cult and Intrafaith Issues
    Around thirty devotees from all over Europe—most old hands at communications work, but some new faces—are expected to attend the 20th annual ISKCON Communications Conference in Radhadesh, Belgium from Friday June 3rd till Monday June 6th.
  • Radhadesh Summer Camps For The Youth
    The Bhaktivedanta College organizes the international Radhadesh Summer Camp for youth from 12 to 20 years of age. For three weeks, participants will experience the brightest sides of spirituality and will gain a deeper understanding of the values of life in the beautiful Belgian countryside.
  • ISKCON Devotee Bids for Brussels to Host Parliament of World Religions

    The next meeting of one of the biggest interfaith gatherings in the world, the Parliament of the World’s Religions, could be hosted in Brussels, Belgium in 2014—and an ISKCON devotee is front and center in the bidding process.

  • Emotional Graduation Ceremony at Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh
    On June 16 in Radhadesh the graduation ceremony was held for seven students from Bhaktivedanta College. Radhadesh's temple president, Hrdaya Caitanya Dasa, summed up the feelings of everyone present when he said, “We are very happy to see students graduating today. But we also feel sad since some of them are leaving - they have become part of the community.”
  • Unique Indian Art Gallery Opens in Ardennes, Belgium
    On 2 June, 2010, a ceremony was held to celebrate the official opening of the Museum of Sacred Art in Radhadesh, Belgium. The opening itself is part of wider celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of Radhadesh. The museum has a permanent collection of nearly 250 pieces — paintings, sculptures, puppets, and sacred objects, and is planning to also organize temporary exhibitions.
  • 16 Students Graduate From Accredited Bhaktivedanta Colleges
    In June and July 2010, sixteen students will graduate with Vaishnava Theology degrees from two state accredited Bhaktivedanta Colleges in Europe: Budapest, Hungary and Radhadesh, Belgium.
  • ISKCON Represents Hindus in Belgian Religious Council
    Hridaya Chaitanya Dasa, temple president of ISKCON’s Radhadesh community in Belgium, was elected to represent the Hindus of Belgium at the formal inauguration of the Belgian Council of Religious Leaders (BCRL) on December 17th.