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Ibadan Sankirtan Party Becomes West Africa Book Distribution Marathon Champion
By Atmarama das / Rajeshwari Dasi   |  Feb 17, 2017

The Nagara Sankirtana party of Ibadan, Nigeria became West Africa’s book distribution marathon champion for 2016. The sankirtan party led by Yadhunath Das has distributed 901 books in December.

The Nagara Sankirtan project started off in 2015 with the purpose of reviving the Harinama Sankirtana spirit initially in West Africa, by providing special support and care for book distribution devotees, who are serving and traveling in groups. Now, there are over 30 such groups exist all over the world. (

Yadhunath Das leading Ibadan Book Distribution team during the marathon

Appreciating the devotees for the success they achieved through the Christmas book distribution marathon, Bali Das, the coordinator of the Nagara Sankirtan urged the devotees to not underestimate their capabilities.

He said, during the initial days of the introduction of book distribution, the devotees had expressed that they may not cross 10,000 Nairas (Naira is the Nigerian currency; N308 is USD $1) in collections. However, “we watched them go beyond N20,000, N50,000, and now N275,000 to become marathon champions”, he added.

Nigeria December 2016 Book Marathon results

Bali Das has urged the devotees to set higher goals in service to keep growing and take this great achievement as a lesson.