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India Shows the Way in Organic Farming
By   |  Oct 06, 2007

NEW YORK: Visitors to the BioFach America – Organic Products Expo 2007 held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Sept 27 -29, for the first time, got a taste of organic food from India.

The India Booth brought together a range of exquisite and traditional organic food products from the country that would include the famous Indian Spices, Snack Foods and other cooked preparations that have been made for the modern day life style. Product range included soft beverages like Tea and natural products like honey.

The concept of Organic farming can be traced to the Vedic period in India. Since time immemorial, in this land as old as the civilization itself, the essence has been to live in partnership with, rather than exploit, nature.

As concerns for environmental degradation increases, India is ready to launch the next phase of the green revolution through organic farming, according to The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).

This heritage and a strong belief in it have given India the strength to formulate a sound National Program for Organic Production (NPOP).

The support system that is indispensable for organic faming is well in place and is making organic farming easier for our farmers and the results are telling. NPOP is translating India’s belief on ancient traditions to the demands of the discerning global consumer and has put India way ahead of many nations in organic production.

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