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ISKCON Devotee to be Featured on Primetime Reality Show
By Vyenkata Bhatta Dasa   |  Aug 16, 2008

Detroit, Michigan (USA) – ISKCON devotee Saraswati Richardson will be one of three women featured on "The Secret Lives of Women," a reality television show on the Women’s Entertainment cable network.  The episode with Saraswati, entitled "Extreme Beliefs," will air on  On August 19, 2008 at 10pm EST. 

The episode, which explores seemingly ordinary women who dedicate their lives to beliefs outside of the mainstream, also features a former gang member who is now a Christian pastor, and an animal rights advocate. 

To depict her story, producers and a camera crew traveled to Saraswati’s home town of Detroit, Michigan.  They filmed her interacting with friends and family members, engaging in spiritual practices at her home, and visiting the nearby ISKCON temple to take part in the Sunday worship service.  Producers also interviewed several devotees and worked with ISKCON Communications to make sure that their portrayal was fair, balanced, and accurate.

The show is being promoted on the Women’s Entertainment network’s website.

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