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ISKCON News Revamps for Janmastami
By Anuttama dasa   |  Sep 04, 2007

Janmastami Day, 2007-ISKCON News (, which had its soft-launch last spring, has revamped itself on Janmastami Day, and now wants to be your source of news. Guided by an editorial board that includes past and present Communication Ministers Mukunda Goswami and Anuttama dasa, respectively, the website is edited by Australia-based Ekendra dasa, with contributors world-wide.

“ISKCON devotees deserve a variety of good choices to find news and information about, and of interest to, our members,” said Anuttama. “We hope this new site will provide the kind of balance and integrity in its reporting that ‘independently thoughtful people’ will find of interest.”

ISKCON News will concentrate on news and opinion pieces as reported by a network of international devotees. Experienced writers (or talented ones looking for new opportunities) interested in covering events and trends for geographical regions or areas of interest, such as youth or the environment, are encouraged to contact the editor, at ekendra AT

ISKCON News will also feature articles, opinions, and videos about world events that are of interest to ISKCON members. ISKCON News serves in partnership with and and is the official news agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Submitted by Anuttama dasa
International Director of Communications ISKCON Washington, D.C.