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It’s Time to Open Up!
By Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Minister of Communications   |  Apr 23, 2020


In these unprecedented times, we encourage devotees to share their thoughts, poems, and prayers via ISKCON News’ special Covid-19 section. 

The first offering comes from our GBC Minister of Communications, Anuttama dasa, who lives in Washington DC.


It’s time to open up! It’s time!

           …it is time to become free

It’s time to open the factories! 

           …it is time to factor the costs to our planet

It’s time to open the racetracks! 

          …it is time see time racing by

It’s time to open the shopping malls!

          …it is time to see what is consuming us 

It’s time to open the bars! 

          …it is time to open to our vulnerabilities

It’s time to open the jobs! 

          …it is time to consider what results our work has yielded 

It’s time to open the planes and trains! 

          …it is time to consider where we are rushing 

It’s time to open the economy! 

          …it is time to see how we’ve sold our souls  

It is time to open

…our ears to hear the birds that call us to listen, go slower, tread more softly 

…our eyes to see that the way things have been…is not the way they have to be

…our hearts to the wise ones who reveal that life has purpose, a higher purpose

It’s time to open up!

* * *

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