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  • Hare Krishna Melbourne, Australia, Provides Food Relief During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Melbourne Food for Life distributes meals with contactless delivery to elders, children, students, the unemployed, as well as people who are isolated or in quarantine, and anyone in need.

  • Looking Back on the Pandemic Kirtan That Reached 1.2 Million and Inspired a Flood of Virtual Kirtan Events

    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most popular virtual events, drawing at least 1.2 million viewers, engaging multiple generations of devotees and inspiring many others to hold their own major online kirtan events to this day, was the Global Pandemic Kirtan.

  • Devotee Children Spread Kindness Through Their Art During Pandemic

    While the coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, so is kindness. Even though they are physically restricted in their movement, people find ways to reach out, express appreciation to and care for one another. 

  • If The Pandemic Was A College What Could It Possibly Teach Us?

    How about some humility? How about admitting that we are not the supreme controllers, at least as of now? How about admitting that we don’t yet fully understand the mysteries of the universe. 

  • Renounce or Redirect? A Lesson from the Pandemic

    An important lesson for us spirit souls: neither materially binding activities nor an artificial cessation of activity is what will bring ultimate joy to the soul.

  • ISKCON Alachua Starts Gradual Reopening of Temple with Restrictions

    Temple President Mukhya Dasi cautions that the gradual reopening at ISKCON Alachua is a trial run, and that the temple will continue to monitor Coronavirus cases in the Alachua area, where the rate of positive results from testing is currently low.

  • Poem: Chant, Chant Chant!

    "Standing in queue / Desperately buying toilet paper to wipe away their anxiety  / The fear of the uncertain and the unknown / Sticks to them with industrial strength glue"

  • ‘The Kindness Pandemic’: An ISKCON-wide Contest for Young Artists

    While the coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, luckily for us, so is kindness. The simple acts of kindness are powerful, cathartic, and could change our lives forever. ISKCON News is calling young artists, aged 3-18, to recognize and capture these little acts of kindness around them and turn them into an artwork. 

  • Poem: Look Within, O Mind!

    "Your merry rides have been thwarted, / Your house has been fenced, / Amazing you are, O mind, / You still don’t wish to be cleansed..."

  • Little Acts of Kindness

    Altruism is defined as having a disinterested and selfless concern for the wellbeing of others. The Bhagavad Gita 16.1-3 describes the same, daya bhutesv aloluptvam or being without greed and having mercy towards others. Putting this concern into action not only aids those in difficulty but also eases your own.

  • It’s Time to Open Up!

    In these unprecedented times, we encourage devotees to share their thoughts, poems, and prayers via ISKCON News' special Covid-19 section.  The first offering comes from our GBC Minister of Communications, Anuttama dasa, who lives in Washington DC.

  • ISKCON Strategic Planning Support Team to Assist Temples Tackle Challenges Due to Pandemic

    ISKCON Strategic Planning Support Team, which is a unit of the GBC Strategic Planning Team is extending their support to help devotee communities worldwide to survive, maintain and grow

  • Valisudana Das Loves Conspiracies

    He never found a conspiracy theory he didn't like.  Valisudana - not his real name - craves hearing how malevolent groups hatch secret, unlawful, harmful plans for evil, destructive purposes.

  • Contradictions

    A deep fear about losing family and friends… but are we as worried about how we relate to them while their alive?

  • Moose in the Neighborhood

    These days, by a reversal of fortune, we are the ones that are locked in like zoo animals, while they are the ones that can roam free. Good for them. They have deserved some break after all the millennia of mistreatment and abuse they had to suffer by our hands. 

  • We All Have The Opportunity To Save Lives

    During a pandemic, the medical care providers are the frontline warriors. Actually, we all have the opportunity to save lives. How? By understanding what life is and what saving it means.

  • Vaisesika Das on Staying Safe and Sane During A Pandemic

    “I don’t think that as a whole, from what I’ve heard, we ISKCON leaders are taking this seriously enough,” Vaisesika says. “I think we should set a good example by simply following what the scientists are telling us about the Coronavirus, and what we should do about it.

  • How Spirituality Can Help Fight Coronavirus Effectively

    1.3 billion Indians observed the Janata Curfew on 22nd March, to fight Covid-19. Billions of people in different parts of the world are already under lockdown. There is an undeclared curfew in almost all the parts of the world. Coronavirus, the tiny little virus, which cannot be seen with our eyes have brought the whole world to a standstill. 

  • “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes” Launches in Gainesville, Florida

    Called “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes,” the program was formally launched on April 2, 2020 (Rama Navami). A number of congregational members promptly stepped up to offer much needed financial support to get the new program off the ground.   

  • GBC Strategic Planning Team Offers Devotees Support to Face COVID-19 Challenges

    To help devotees stay safe and cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the GBC Strategic Planning Team has put together a global task force team that gathers and disseminate both spiritually uplifting and materially useful information.