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Krishna Camp ‘Burning Man’ DVD Released
By Nitai dasa   |  Apr 23, 2007

Krishna Camp is a community effort of like-minded souls who share a burning desire to find shelter and provide peace in an age of increasing strife. Join this enthusiastic group of devotees on their voyage into the adventurous world known as Burning Man. 

Tens of thousands of people gather to create a virtual city of lights, sounds, flames, and the most amazing creations you’re likely to set eyes upon. 

Into the middle of the Black Rock desert of Nevada, a few brave friends hauled truckloads of goods, equipment, and heart to bring Krishna Camp to life. It was a community of bright minds and spiritual smiles. 

Watch as devotees create a thirty-foot-tall replica of the ancient temple of Lord Jagannatha at Puri, India, and conduct a unique Burning Man-style Rathayatra chariot procession. Experience all this and more from the devoted volunteers at Krishna Camp and Burning Man. 

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