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Manor’s Cow Carnival Thrills Crowds
By   |  Jul 26, 2008

A celebration of all things bovine is underway as part of Britain’s first ever cow carnival.

The event, organised to celebrate the cow and everything associated with the animal, is being held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, in Letchmore Heath, this afternoon.

The star attractions of the carnival are the temple’s huge bullocks and herd of cows, with demonstrations of milking and cart rides entertaining the children.

Youngsters are also competing in the “Cow Olympics”, with children racing in egg and spoon and sack races.

For the adults, seminars in running a cow sanctuary and making cheese are also being held.

Sita Rama, who organised the event on behalf of Ahimsa, said a key aspect of the event was to promote organic milk.

He said: “We want to raise awareness of cows and the issues about compassion for cows.

“We want people to be aware of the benefits of drinking organic milk.

“The cow lives off the grass most of the time and by drinking it you receive almost all the nutrients you will get in the meat.

“Organic milk holds all benefits that are held in the cow’s body.”