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PBS Series Profiles Krishna Temple in Utah as a “Must See” Stop on Historic Highway
By Thomas Haribol, Managing Editor of ISKCON News   |  Apr 22, 2023

Vaibhavi Dasi painting one of the many amazing images of Krishna she’s produced for the two Utah Temples.

PBS Television has developed a new travel series highlighting the “must-see” locations along Utah’s Heritage Highway, which stretches over 500 miles from the state’s northern border with Idaho to its southern border with Arizona. One of the iconic stops it highlights on the historic route is the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT.

Liz Adeola, an award-winning host and producer at PBS Utah, brought her crew to the Temple in 2022. They spent over 12 hours gathering footage and soundbites for the episode. She interviewed devotee pioneers Caru Das and Vaibhavi Dasi about the history of the Temple’s construction, the iconic Color Festival held there annually, and the philosophy behind the friendly and welcoming mood they have cultivated with the tens of thousands of visitors who stop at the Temple annually.

“Krishna has blessed us in being able to receive visitors from all over the world. In addition to the nearby Heritage Highway (89) in the PBS series, one of America’s busiest roadways, Interstate-15, features both north and southbound billboards alerting travelers to the presence of the Krishna Temple, which is also visible from the road,” said Caru. It is estimated over 100,000 cars travel on I-15 daily.

The now-finished and recently aired profile is filled with stunning video and drone footage interspersed beautifully with Caru and Vaibhavi explaining the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. You can watch it here.

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