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Prema Kirtan: The Stand-Out Kirtan
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Oct 31, 2022

Anyone who has participated in a maha-mantra kirtan – and knows the meaning and goal of the mantra – has experienced that there is no other sacred music or sacred sound that compares to it.

Maha-mantra kirtan rivals all and Pranada dasi wants to shout it out to the broader community.

She’s releasing the third book of The Bhakti Series, Prema Kirtan: Journey into Sacred Sound, on 12 November and you’re invited to the Launch Party.


Nadiya Mani will lead the launch with a maha-mantra kirtan. All details can be found here (and below).

“It’s truly noteworthy how many times Srila Bhaktsiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura commented that hari-kirtan,” Pranada says, “must be accompanied by hari-katha to have full efficacy. In other words, tattva needs to underlie the experience. But how do we give enough tattva — katha — at a public event or from a stage? Send them home with a book about kirtan!”


Mary M., an advance reader of Prema Kirtan, wrote,

“I am absolutely arrested in my tracks. You have managed to capture the essence of this thing [maha-mantra meditation] that I have been struggling to understand and accept beyond any shred of doubt.

“I am eternally grateful to you for putting it into words that which not only my mind can understand but my heart. All your experience is so credibly squeezed out on the page for my — and anyone else’s — benefit. I am so deeply touched and gladdened. In tears all I can say is Thank You!”


The first two books of The Bhakti Series won numerous awards, so we suspect Prema Kirtan is headed for acclaim as well.

Enter the Giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of Prema Kirtan and an audio book version by clicking here.

The books of The Bhakti Series, Pranada says, are for our secular friends and family, our children (who often don’t read the source texts), colleagues, acquaintances, and other people we may meet.

“Here,” we can say, “Did you hear about kirtan or have you experienced it? This book explains the philosophy behind kirtan, why you experience the joy you do, how to do kirtan (and japa) yoga, what the goal of kirtan is, and its history and the nature of sacred sound.”


The Launch of Prema Kirtan: Journey into Sacred Sound


12 November 2022

11:00am EST/ 4:00pm GMT


11:00 am EST Kirtan by Nadiya Mani

11:35 Welcome & Introduction

11:40 Pranada will read from Prema Kirtan

11:45 Pranada and Kosarupa will speak about sacred sound and their own journeys

12:15 We’ll hear impressions from Advance Readers

12:25 We’ll take questions from the audience

12:45 Announce the Winner of the Prema Kirtan Giveaway




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