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Registration is Open for Youth Summer Camp at Gita Nagari
By Sita Figueroa   |  Apr 08, 2024

Join us for Camp Spark! at Gita Nagari, an immersive overnight summer camp experience for youth ages 10-17 in the idyllic mountains of Pennsylvania. Campers experience the splendor of Krishna’s creation and make memories with other Vaishnava youth through seven days of outdoor fun carefully planned to spark friendship, adventure, and bhakti. The Camp will be held from June 22nd through June 29th at Gita Nagari Eco Farm in Port Royal, PA. 

Spark Friendship!

In the Camp’s inaugural year, 2023, 50 campers from across North America came together for this unforgettable experience. Upon arrival, they received their camp schedules, unpacked their suitcases, and met their roommates for the week.  

Friendships were quickly forged as campers competed against each other in team sports, collaborated on art projects and skits, enjoyed kirtan and s’mores by the campfire, and roamed the 350 acres of Gita Nagari’s pastures and forested trails.  

Spark Adventure!

Each afternoon, campers ventured out of Gita Nagari to stretch their limits and enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Campers played water sports, hiked up a mountain trail, kayaked on freshwater lakes, and waded through the nearby creeks.  

Spark Bhakti! 

But what set this experience apart from other summer camps was Krishna Consciousness at the center of every activity. Campers relished the daily morning program with Sri Radha Damodara, practiced their mrdanga and kartal skills, decorated the temple, performed service projects on the farm, and enjoyed plenty of ahimsa milk and cheese from Gita Nagari’s cows. 

Register for Camp Spark! 

Watch this video to learn more about Camp Spark! at Gita Nagari. Click here to register for the camp. To meet the Camp organizers and ask questions, join them for an online Zoom call on April 24th at 7:30 PM EDT (6:30 PM CDT). For other questions, please email or call them at (872) 267-0935. To follow the ongoing service at Gita Nagari community, visit their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.