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  • Gita Nagari Farm Launches Bhakti Immersion Experience

    The Gita Nagari farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania has launched the Bhakti Immersion Experience, a Krishna conscious residency for new and experienced bhakti practitioners aged 18 to 28 with three, six or nine-month options.

  • Christmas Retreat for Russian-Speaking Newcomers to Heal Hearts

    Around 30 to 50 Russian-speakers from Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Chicago and New York are set to attend. As well as Russia they originally hail from former Soviet Union countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

  • ISKCON Gita Nagari Farm

    Gita Nagari is a 350 acre farm situated in scenic Port Royal, Pennsylvania. The community lovingly engages in farming and caring for their cows, focusing on the Supreme Lord as central to their existence. A video by Ananta Vrindavan. Music "Madhava's Lullaby" by Jahnavi Harrison.

  • Gita Nagari Retreat to Explore Varnashrama Dharma

    This year’s Gita Nagari Labor Day retreat, set to run from Friday September 2nd to Monday September 5th, will tackle an intriguing subject: Varnashrama Dharma. The topic was  very important to Srila Prabhupada, who in his later days stated that fifty per cent of his work remained unfinished because he had not implemented Varnashrama.

  • Medical Practitioners Meet and Retreat At Gita Nagari Yoga Farm

    More than 50 ISKCON medical practitioners—doctors, nurses, medical technicians, Ayurveda experts and other healthcare professionals—gathered at the Gita Nagari Yoga Farm in rural Pennsylvania on September 25-27 for a three-day event, the “North American ISKCON Medical Professionals Retreat.”

  • Kaulini Devi Passes Away After Life of Simplicity and Surrender

    Kaulini Devi Dasi, a much-loved disciple of Srila Prabhupada known for her simplicity, surrender and purity, and for her many years of dedicated service at Gita Nagari, passed away on September 3rd. She was 69. Born and raised in Northern California, her life changed when she received Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita in 1972 while on a trip to Mexico.

  • Memorial Day Gita Nagari Retreat 2015

    The title of the May program at the US Gita-nagari farm will be "The Role of Faith in the Unfolding of Bhakti."

  • Gita Nagari Farm Listed as Success Story by US Department of Agriculture

    The United States Department of Agriculture has listed ISKCON’s Gita- nagari Farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania as one of the most important success stories of preservation and sustainability in 2013. 

  • Exploring Guru Tattva: Labor Day Weekend Seminar at Gita Nagari

    In Bhagavad-gita Lord Sri Krishna indicates one of the essential steps in the bhakti process is acceptance of the shelter of such a Postal Peon, a guru, who helps connect one with Krishna, as well as assists in progressively fully restoring one's relationship with Him.

  • "Exploring Guru Tattva" Labor Day Gita Nagari Retreat

    One of the essential steps in the bhakti process is acceptance of the shelter of a guru, who helps connect one with Krishna, as well as assisting in progressively fully restoring one's relationship with Him.

  • Many Voices, One Heart: 1400 Devotees Chant At North Carolina Retreat

    It’s almost noon. The organisers Rasika Siromani Devi Dasi, Rama Vijaya Das  and Govinda Charan Das are discussing last minute festival details over breakfast at the registration tables. Just across the street, surrounded by picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, there are around 1400 devotees immersed in chanting the Holy Names. 

  • USA's First Certified Slaughter-free Dairy Opens at Gita Nagari

    At the European Leaders’ Meetings this fall, ISKCON leaders discussed a common dilemma for devotees today: do we drink milk? Or do we avoid it, since today’s store-bought milk supports the slaughter industry? The answer is to drink milk from our own protected cows. Unfortunately, there are few ISKCON dairy farms in the world today -- but there are some. 

  • Devotee Couples to “Tune-Up” Their Marriages at Gita Nagari Retreat

    Twenty-six married couples have been invited to participate in the Grihasta Vision Team’s first ever Couples’ Retreat, entitled “We’re In This Together,” from June 7th to 9th this summer.

  • Gita Nagari Farm Shares Bounty with City Temples
    Devotees at Gita Nagari, ISKCON’s 350-acre farm in scenic Port Royal, Pennsylvania, have recently launched a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to supply nearby city temples with organic produce.
  • Service Opportunities At Gita Nagari Farm, USA
    Gita Nagari Organic Yoga Farm in Port Royal, PA, USA seeks a hard working bhakti yoga practitioners to engage in various services.
  • Vendors/Entertainers Needed for Gita Nagari Ratha Yatra

    The special "country" Ratha Yatra will be held on July 31, 2010 from 10 am until 6 pm.