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Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara – Janmastami 2007
By ISKCON Vrindavana Deity Department   |  Sep 05, 2007

In the sacred land of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna enacts his childhood pastimes ISKCON has erected a temple that has, over the last three decades, become one of the most visited temples in the area. There reside the deities of Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara who are decorated lavishly on a daily basis. On special days like Janmastami thousands of pilgrims line up to catch a glimse of them.

Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara 

Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara Janmastami 2007 

Photo courtesy of ISKCON Vrindavana 

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