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  • Oldest 24-Hour Kirtan Festival in West Celebrates 17 Years

    Over 2,000 people from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe are expected to attend the 17th annual 24-Hour Kirtan in Birmingham, England from Saturday April 30th to Sunday May 1st. Today,  it’s a huge bank holiday weekend draw. But back when the event – the oldest 24-Hour-Kirtan Festival in the Western world – began in 1999, attendance was muchsmaller. It all started with a group of Pandava Sena teenage youth, fans of the year-around 24-Hour Kirtan program in Vrindavan, India.

  • ISKCON Birmingham Host 8hr Kirtan in Honor of 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    The eight hour kirtan event brought together top kirtaneers from all over country.

  • Birmingham, UK, Ratha Yatra 2014

    The 14th Anniversary of the Birmingham Rathayatra Festival 2014 promises to be a spectacular event with a City Centre procession and festival, incorporating all the exoticness, vitality and colour that is India. 

  • Kirtana Festival Birmingham, England
    Messages swirl around the Internet. "You have an event invite on Facebook!" One message simply reads "Whatever you do, make sure you are free this weekend! "