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  • Paramahamster: Hair Loss
  • The 12 Things You Can Do To Avoid Cancer

    I don’t propose to have the absolute answer or cure for cancer but I will go out on a limb and say that the following twelve tips will absolutely help you avoid it.

  • My Thoughts on Cancer

    The last month has been a rollercoaster journey. For over 40 years I have spoken about the harsh reality of life in lectures, funeral sermons, congregational gatherings and personal meetings. Now I am facing those same realities in my own life.

  • The Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds are truly a gift of nature. Nuts and seeds makes healthy and balanced diet. Pumpkin seeds are said to be dietary powerhouses.

  • Kale's Active Ingredients Combat Cancer

    Kale has become increasingly popular in recent times as more people not only discover its delicious flavor but also learn more about the many health benefits it can bring.

  • Cancer Is Curable: An Eye-opening Documentary

    According to many doctors and experts the cancer industry is just another a multi-billion-dollar industry that needs disease to stay in business. It is not in their interetst to cure you. An eye-opening full documentary "Cancer is Curable NOW" by Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann challanges the Big Pharma.

  • Top Indian Herbs and Spices That Help Prevent Cancer

    Popular throughout the world, Indian spices have a long history of providing a welcome burst of flavor. They also have very real benefits to the health.

  • The Plant of Immortality and How to Use It

    Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the "plant of immortality". While it's great for healing sunburned skin, there are so many more uses you should know about.

  • Use Beets as a Detoxifying, Brain Boosting Side Dish

    If everyone knew the health benefits can be garnered from adding beets to their diet, most people would try to include them whether they like them or not. 

  • Eat More Tomatoes and Slash Cancer Risk

    Studies have shown a positive correlation between those people with a diet high in tomatoes, and having a lower risk of some forms of cancer.

  • Many Studies Reveal Vitamin D's Importance as a Cancer-fighting Agent

    Research showing the relationship between vitamin D and cancer. The benefits of this vitamin apply to both cancer prevention and cancer survival.

  • Bitter Melon Could Slow Head And Neck Cancer Growth

    A vegetable commonly used in Asian cooking could be promising against cancer, a new study in animals suggests.

  • Turmeric Starves Tumors

    Turmeric has an extensive fan base among those who enjoy traditional Indian food, but also a growing number among cancer patients.

  • 300% Increased Brain Cancer Risk for Long-term Users of Cell Phones

    A Swedish study on the use of wireless phones, has uncovered a link between electromagnetic radiation exposures and the risk of malignant brain tumors.

  • Walnuts Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

    Nearly one-quarter of a million men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, accounting for 30,000 deaths from this largely preventable disease.

  • Cancer of the Mind
    Last year cancer claimed 7.6 million lives, and now accounts for 13% of all deaths worldwide. The Bhagavad-gita explains that we may be suffering from another type of cancer. It’s a type of cancer that cannot be detected through medical tests, and cannot be treated by conventional means.
  • To Hell and Back With Gifts

    Stacey Kramer happened upon a counterintuitive phenomenon. An excruciating struggle with a dreaded disease changed her life for the better! I would have been a skeptic had I not myself come upon this realization through a horrific ordeal.

  • Bitter Cure for Pancreatic Cancer Found

    The humble karela, it has emerged, is a giant slayer of pancreatic cancer cells. A University of Colorado cancer study published in the journal 'Carcinogenesis' shows that bitter gourd juice restricts the ability of pancreatic cancer cells to metabolize glucose, thus cutting the cells' energy source and eventually killing them.

  • Indian Plant Compound Gedunin Kills Cancer Cells, New Research Finds

    Researchers at the Georgia Regents University Cancer Center have identified an India-based plant which has been used for centuries to treat inflammation, fever and malaria that could be used to help kill cancer cells.

  • Boost Anti-cancer Effect of Broccoli with Broccoli Sprouts
    Broccoli has always been regarded as one of the most essential vegetables for health and nutrition not only because it is nutrient-packed, but because several studies have already demonstrated its ability to fight off cancer.
  • How Cancer Feeds On Sugar
    Not only is sugar the primary source of excess calories, but the latest research also shows that cancer cells lap up high-fructose corn syrup, adding yet another reason to avoid it.
  • Top 10 Ways To Dramatically Reduce Your Daily Exposure To Cancer Causing Agents
    While it's impossible to avoid all of the toxins and cancer causing agents that surround you, there are some simple, yet effective steps you can take that will greatly decrease your exposure to toxic substances. Making these painless adjustments can lower your risk for just about every type of cancer along with a whole slew of other diseases.
  • Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption
    The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Its conclusion is rocking the health world with startling bluntness: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.
  • Be Aware of the Dangers of Mammography

    Women all around America and other industrialized nations are told that regular mammograms are the best approach for early breast cancer detection. Despite enormous funding and research, mammography has a very strong opposition in many quadrants of the medical and natural health communities.

  • A Feature Length Documentary Expect To Bring Millions Of People To Alternative Cancer Treatments

    A new movie documentary called CANCER is Curable NOW might be the breakthrough that brings alternative cancer treatment to the mainstream audience.

  • Use Your Diet To Turn Off Cancer

    Orthodox medicine wants you to believe that 95% of cancer is in the genes you inherit. But how your genes react to environmental and dietary influences is far more important. That area of research is called epigenetics. Certain genes that help prevent cancer are turned off with certain foods while other foods turn on genes to fight cancer.

  • WHO: Radiation From Cellphones Possibly Cancerous
    Confirming the worst fears of mobile phone users, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that radiation from cellphones is possibly cancerous.
  • Scientists Reverse Stance On Sun And Cancer

    Since the 1980s, physicians and cancer groups have regularly warned the public against the potential health dangers of direct sunlight on skin. A 2009 study by a group of Leeds University researchers found that higher levels of Vitamin D were linked to improved skin cancer survival odds.

  • Is Cabbage The Ultimate Anti-cancer Food?
    Men with early signs of developing prostate cancer were able to prevent tumor growth by eating broccoli four times a week, according to a British study covered on MSN. But broccoli is not the only cruciferous vegetable with anti-cancer properties.
  • Tulasi Devi Cures Devotee’s Cancer
    Today, at 69 years old, Chaitanya Prema Das is a robust, healthy devotee, visiting the Potomac, Maryland ISKCON temple every Sunday and working at the Pentagon. Seeing him, you would never guess that back in 1997, at age 55, Chaitanya Prema was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma—or blood cancer—that had already reached stage four.
  • B. V. Narayana Maharaja Diagnosed with Inoperable Cancer

    According to various online health reports, His Holiness B.V. Narayana Maharaja, a prominent Vaishnava leader and founder-acarya of the BHAKTI Trust Mission, has been diagnosed with inoperable stage-4 colorectal cancer and is preparing to pass away from this world.

  • Breast Cancer Month Overshadowed by 'Pinkwashing'

    Every October, stores become a sea of pink as shelves fill with products adorned with pink ribbons or altogether repackaged in pink, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • WHO Says Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumors

    A large multinational research effort overseen by the World Health Organization has concluded that heavy mobile phone use significantly increases the risk of brain and salivary gland tumors.