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  • Devotees on the Frontlines of COVID-19: Chaplain Ghanashyam Das

    When Ghanashyam Das first began his chaplaincy service in New York City, little did he know that he would end up on the frontlines of a global pandemic, risking his own health every day to provide spiritual and emotional support for patients dying of Coronavirus.

  • Karuna Care Trains Devotees to Offer Emotional and Spiritual Support

    A new ISKCON-endorsed online training program, Karuna Care Education, is equipping devotees with the basic tools to offer  compassionate care in hospitals, hospices, prisons, airport chapels, homeless shelters, and more.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor President Becomes Chaplain to Harrow Mayor

    Before going into politics, Councilor Ajay Maru would regularly visit ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor just outside London as a congregation member. So when he was voted in as the new Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow on June 12th, it wasn’t a difficult choice for him to select Manor president Srutidharma Das as his chaplain.

  • ISKCON UK Organizes Certificate Course in Clinical Chaplaincy

    “For the first time in ISKCON-UK, a five-day Certificate Course for Clinical Chaplaincy was organized in Bhaktivedanta Manor by the Department of Spiritual Care of Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai, India. Now British devotees can provide spiritual care to sick devotees from the congregation at their homes and while being admitted in the hospital.

  • Rambhoru Dasi Finds Spiritual Fulfillment as Interfaith Chaplain

    In 1999, when Rambhoru Dasi moved back to her native USA after nearly thirty years of traveling and spreading Krishna consciousness around the world, her goal was to create a career through which she could support her family.

  • US Military’s First Hindu Chaplain Follows God’s Call
    In May 2011, Captain Pratima Dharm was appointed as the US Military’s first Hindu Chaplain. The move was groundbreaking for the 1,000 or so Hindus serving in the US military, as well as their families, who until then had lacked a military confidant who understood their religion and culture.
  • First Hindu Chaplain in US Military Is 'Groundbreaking'

    Until recently, the 1,000 or so Hindus serving in the US military - and their families - lacked a military confidant who understood their religion and culture. But now Captain Pratima Dharm has been appointed as the US military's first Hindu chaplain.